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Ship of Fools
(Hosted by: Firenze, jedijudy, Ariel)

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Welcome, pilgrim, to Heaven, a merry chaos of creativity, comedy and random questions. A blessed state of e-being, free from weeping and gnashing of teeth, where the cup of absurdity runneth over. Whether you want to start a tall tale, recommend a film or discuss whether the church cat should wear liturgically correct collars, there is room for you in paradise. As someone once said: "In my father's house are many tangents" (John 14:2, The Hol-eBible, New Internetizen Version).

  Thread Person to blame Replies Last post
The Abbey Road Follow-Up Frankly My Dear 1
   by Sioni Sais
Ringtones Ariel 26
   by Wednesbury
Burnt Offerings: the recipe thread Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 14 15 16 Ariel 768
   by Clarence
Coo coo ka choo Martin60 35
   by ChastMastr
Saving water - a step too far? Enoch 1
   by Ariel
Fava beans, really big ones no prophet's flag is set so... 11
   by Mili
Crafty Stuff Roseofsharon 35
   by Brenda Clough
How often do you use a towel? LeRoc 17
   by Ariel
Lynsey de Paul Martin60 1
   by Ariel
It's nearly Christmas...sign up for Secret Santa St. Gwladys 1
   by Ariel
Things to do while invisible Ariel 39
   by comet
Family history chive 41
   by Sir Kevin
Making peace with a perceived problem Graven Image 37
   by Sir Kevin
The Writers' Block 2 - NaNoWriMo and Beyond Mr Curly 1
   by Ariel
Evil Sky? Firenze 11
   by Schroedinger's cat
What makes you laugh? Pages: 1 2 Ariel 57
   by Sir Kevin
Higher Criticism: One F***, Two F***, Red F***, Blue F*** Trudy Scrumptious 9
   by mark_in_manchester
God's favorite color Gwai 42
   by jedijudy
What is everyone's problem with Comic Sans? Kelly Alves 48
   by Fineline
September Book group - City of Women Ariel 12
   by Palimpsest
Real Humans (Akta Manniskor) orfeo 14
   by orfeo
Redecorating Hell (or Hull) Banner Lady 31
   by Banner Lady
Hurrah for you-know-where Ariel 24
   by piglet
The Cat in the Hat, a verse at a time Trudy Scrumptious 14
   by Trudy Scrumptious
How do you lick your eggs? Pages: 1 2 Cameron PM 85
   by no prophet

Heaven recent visitors: 9
TurquoiseTastic, Penny S, Moo, angelica37, Theophania, Net Spinster, Roseofsharon, and 2 lurker(s)

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