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Ship of Fools
Chapter & Worse
(Hosted by: Marvin the Martian, John Holding, Kelly Alves)

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Welcome to Chapter & Worse, a Ship of Fools project where we are collecting and debating the "worst" verses of the Bible, as sent in by readers from around the world. Click here to find out why on earth we are doing this, and send us your own favourite worst verse. Each thread on this board focuses on a single Bible verse, so pick the ones you're most interested in and dive into the debate. Do the verses make you angry? Or embarrassed? Or do they leave you laughing for all the wrong reasons? We want to find out what Christians make of the difficult bits of the Bible, and which verse they think is most difficult of all. We'll be posting new verses here every few days, and announcing the Top 10 verses in a spectacular Ship of Fools show at the UK's Greenbelt Festival at the end of August.

  Thread Person to blame Replies Last post
[important] Board closing Simon 0
   by Simon
[important] Yes... it's those TMI verses Pages: 1 2 Simon 52
   by Kelly Alves
[important] Welcome... and send us your verse! Simon 1
   by BWSmith
Leviticus 21:21... No man that hath a blemish... Simon 17
   by Oreophagite
John 14:6... I am the way and the truth and the life Simon 49
   by Freddy
1 Samuel 18:27... Say it with foreskins Simon 14
   by Lyda*Rose
Ephesians 5:22... Wives, submit to your husbands Simon 46
   by Josephine
Genesis 22:2... Take now thy son for a burnt offering Simon 33
   by Freddy
1 Peter 2:18... Slaves, submit to your masters Pages: 1 2 Simon 76
   by bush baptist
Romans 1:27... Men were inflamed with lust for one another Simon 22
   by tallmaninthecnr
Matthew 25:41... Depart from me into the eternal fire Simon 21
   by RooK
1 Timothy 2:12... I do not permit a woman to teach Simon 22
   by Marvin the Martian
Revelation 22:19... If anyone takes words away... Simon 23
   by Hamp
2 Kings 2:24... Two bears came out of the woods... Simon 46
   by BWSmith
Judges 11:30-31... Jephthah's sacrifice of his daughter Simon 42
   by BWSmith
1 Samuel 15:3... Kill both man and woman, child and infant... Pages: 1 2 3 4 Simon 159
   by BWSmith
Judges 19:28... "Get up; let's go" Simon 34
   by BWSmith
Deuteronomy 21:18-21... A stubborn and rebellious son Simon 8
   by BWSmith
Genesis 1:26... Let them have dominion Simon 19
   by BWSmith
Romans 9:20... Who are you to talk back to God? Simon 18
   by BWSmith
Judges 14:19... Samson killed thirty men... Simon 4
   by BWSmith
Exodus 22:18... Do not allow a sorceress to live Simon 6
   by BWSmith
2 Kings 1:8... A girdle of leather about his loins Simon 9
   by BWSmith
Psalm 114: 4-5... The mountains skipped like rams... Simon 16
   by BWSmith
Psalm 137:9... Dash your little ones against the rock! Simon 24
   by BWSmith

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