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All Saints Icon 1 Roses, foxgloves, snowdrops, blue forget-me-nots Jump to new posts by Piglet (1306)   

Crikey, A-in-E, you must have the constitution of an ox! :D We get nice sweet blackberries here (in the supermarket - I've never seen them growing wild here, although that may be because I've never looked)....
Purgatory Icon 1 Hostility to Traditional Christians on the Ship Jump to new posts by mr cheesy (36)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by sharkshooter: These are the kinds of attacks which have driven me from serious discussion of most issues here. ----- I'm sorry if you think it is an attack, I'm trying...
Dead Horses Icon 1 Biblical interpretation of apparently anti-gay passages Jump to new posts by Aijalon (797)   

well sure, i've interacted with women based on attraction and with full knowledge there was no sex involved. Seems you're saying that flirting without wanting intercourse makes flirting something totally...
All Saints Icon 1 Aging Parents Jump to new posts by The Intrepid Mrs S (1661)   

Well, yesterday didn't go well - the care home I preferred (VERY up-market, like a hotel) was actually completely full; the one she disliked least was more 'homely', very friendly, perfectly nice, had...
All Saints Icon 1 Prayers of the Faithful - 2017 Jump to new posts by Piglet (1974)   

{{{Abigail}}} :votive: for you and for all who feel lonely or disconnected, for EM's aunt and for all in need.
The Circus Icon 1 The New Crew's Quiz Jump to new posts by Piglet (4674)   

Well, that'll have buggered my July standings. Wrong mythical creature, wrong Jackson and as for question 8, what the actual f***??? The Guessometer's buying its own drinks tonight ... :mad:
Purgatory Icon 1 Oops - your Trump presidency discussion thread Jump to new posts by mousethief (1098)   

A quick google confirms Napoleon, including some actual historical documents.
Heaven Icon 1 Pull To Open: Doctor Who 2017 Jump to new posts by Hedgehog (294)   

Perhaps because he knows he is leaving anyway, Moffat pulled no punches (http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/doctor-who/news/a833 864/steven-moffat-doctor-who-jodie-whittaker-backl ash/) on the issue.
All Saints Icon 1 Bon fete, mon pays!/ Happy birthday, my country! Jump to new posts by Pigwidgeon (122)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Pangolin Guerre: I read American, British, French, and (rarely) German news websites, and while there are flippant references to his bright smile and fabulous hair,...
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 What's wrong with cassock-albs? Jump to new posts by Pigwidgeon (31)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Brenda Clough: That may be a function of laundering/age. It's a rare fabric that will stay crisp and white over many years. ----- Back in the 70s/80s most of them seemed...
The Circus Icon 1 Everlasting.... Jump to new posts by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (6860)   

Tot, exasperated, screamed for a nice warm bottle.
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 MW 3203: Duke University Chapel Jump to new posts by Pigwidgeon (9)   

+Gene Robinson was consecrated at an indoor ice hockey rink.
Purgatory Icon 1 The US and Health Care Jump to new posts by sabine (174)   

Here is a link to the action, which is just a vote to debate the bill on the floor, not a vote to pass the bill (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/gop-sets-s enate-health-care-vote-buoyed-mccain-48830825)...
Hell Icon 1 GeeD Jump to new posts by RooK (61)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by lilBuddha: It isn't something that switched off at 16, 18 or 21. It is a process. ----- To be clear, the physical development of the brain's frontal lobe not completing...
Purgatory Icon 1 Medical treatment--who gets what, who decides, who pays? Jump to new posts by Doublethink. (290)   

I think we also need to add the treating team's duty to the child is separate from what a hospital may be able or willing to supply. So if a doctor sees a child with cleft lip and palate in a local hospital...
Heaven Icon 1 Mysterious Muffin Tin Jump to new posts by Jengie jon (9)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Moo: I got a box full of baking pans including the muffinaires, four 8"square baking pans, and a 9" pan with a removable bottom. (Does anyone still make those? It's...
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 Are young people put off church by vestments? Jump to new posts by Anselmina (120)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Bishops Finger: Just so. It amazes me, every Sunday, that Our Place manages to get any congregation at all, no matter how large, small, young, or old... IJ ----- Ah,...
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 MW 3201: Hillsong, Bermondsey Jump to new posts by Sipech (43)   

*Rips off mask* It was I that wrote this particular report. Let’s see if I can answer a few points or add clarity. First, when it comes to questions like “why do people join these churches” I would urge...
The Circus Icon 1 Song Association Jump to new posts by mousethief (231)   

Tell, you can turn on the radio and sing with the singer in the band (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4fTT6voask).
Kerygmania Icon 1 Hebrews and definition of enlightenment. Jump to new posts by Alan Cresswell (1)   

I've always taken "enlightened" to be part and parcel of the rest of those verses describing someone who has become a Christian: enlightened tasted of the heavenly gift partakers of the Holy Ghost tasted...
Total active threads: 39  |  Pages:  1  2 

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