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Heaven Icon 1 Lost in a Good Book: What are you reading in 2017? Jump to new posts by Brenda Clough (89)   

I may have made an error. I began In a Dark Wood: What Dante Taught Me About Grief, Healing, and the Mysteries of Love by Joseph Luzzi, and was enthralled. He is a college professor of Italian, and when...
Purgatory Icon 1 Standing With Sweden Jump to new posts by Gee D (48)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Kaplan Corday: Today, critics of Trump. especially when they major on trivialities such as his hair, can come across as arrogant, supercilious virtue-signallers who...
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 Giving up Jesus for Lent Jump to new posts by Gee D (14)   

Ecclesiastical Flip-flop, our understanding is that the Sundays are not in Lent, but are sandwiched by Lent. But still no Alleluias. no Gloria, Lenten purple for vestments, frontal etc (we don't run...
Dead Horses Icon 1 And there's another gay bakery case Jump to new posts by Gee D (1258)   

While the derivation means to pass across, it was not originally limited to land, it was to pass across a rule. Think of transgress.
All Saints Icon 1 Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Significant Dates Jump to new posts by Stercus Tauri (514)   

I like the kirkit bride too. I hadn't heard it before - didn't happen a lot in our family. I hope there's a kirkit groom too. I checked Auntie Google for symbols, but they skip 28, though you can look...
Heaven Icon 1 Eaglet on the way!!! Jump to new posts by jedijudy (45)   

Thanks for the link, Twilight!!
Hell Icon 1 Trumpton Jump to new posts by Golden Key (436)   

Stephen-- QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Stephen: Now, Pidwidgeon, we all know that he's a Slitheen We need the imminent return of the Tardis with Dr.Who, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith and...
All Saints Icon 1 The U.S.S. USA-- Boldly going forward, 'cause we can't find reverse! Jump to new posts by Piglet (157)   

You do seem to have been catching it - California seems to have featured on the "wild weather from round the world" slots on the Weather Channel here for the last few days. Is there any way the water...
All Saints Icon 1 Roses, foxgloves, snowdrops, blue forget-me-nots Jump to new posts by Piglet (387)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Sarasa: ... Hope the snow hasn't hampered your unpacking plans too much, Piglet ... ----- Not too bad really - and when we went up to the house today we could actually...
Purgatory Icon 1 Do we deserve to survive? Jump to new posts by no prophet's flag is set so... (48)   

Yes, multiple mass extinctions. But not of our preventable doing. Do you think we should no try to intervene in our own human destructiveness? I am an optimist by nature. I think we will probably eventually...
All Saints Icon 1 Prayers of the Faithful - 2017 Jump to new posts by Piglet (651)   

:votive: for all in need, especially JtL and TME; Lamb Chopped's C.; and for the souls of Bene Gesserit's mum and of Pigwidgeon's H. Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine...
The Circus Icon 1 Three word story Jump to new posts by Golden Key (8064)   

decorated his tail
The Circus Icon 1 Grandson of FLP (Famous Last Posts!) Jump to new posts by Bishops Finger (7708)   

Giving up Jesus for......Graven Image Even better, and I'm happy to yield precedence... IJ
Kerygmania Icon 1 Dating the exodus Jump to new posts by Brenda Clough (3)   

A friend of mine wrote a novel in which Moses is actually Akenaten, gafiated and then returned home with a refined concept of monotheism. She had to kick the calendar around hard to make it fly, but...
The Circus Icon 1 Everlasting.... Jump to new posts by Mamacita (6383)   

All Enge did was complain every time her name was misspelled.
All Saints Icon 1 Want to lose some weight? Jump to new posts by Nenya (447)   

I've lost 11lb since the beginning of January. :) I was stuck on the same weight for about a fortnight, which was discouraging, but then a couple of pounds seemed to come off within the space of a few...
Purgatory Icon 1 Stoke by-election Jump to new posts by Ricardus (27)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by TurquoiseTastic: Now, how come the Lib Dems are apparently experiencing a surge in membership, but not really in prospective vote share? They seem stuck on about 11%...
Purgatory Icon 1 The Eucharist Jump to new posts by Kaplan Corday (126)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Nick Tamen: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Kaplan Corday: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Nick Tamen: I'd say it was worked out 1850 years ago; the West just became...
Purgatory Icon 1 Kellyanne and others. Trouble in the White House Team. Jump to new posts by Eutychus (118)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Brenda Clough: scuttlebutt ----- Well that's just the kind of thorough-going, well-documented reasearch that definitely won't be classified as "fake news", and makes...
The Circus Icon 1 Is it time for another game of Rosencrantz? Jump to new posts by Pigwidgeon (3260)   

Wouldn't only an unscrupulous person dare to eat in a library?
Total active threads: 42  |  Pages:  1  2  3 

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