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Purgatory Icon 1 Shake it all about: Brexit thread II Jump to new posts by mr cheesy (2736)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by chris stiles: That's not a 'no deal' though. 'no deal' is a hard border - just as the EU would have with any other country that showed up on its boundaries with which...
Purgatory Icon 1 The social-progressive mindset Jump to new posts by orfeo (443)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Russ: The point of the parable of the workers in the vineyard is that in being generous to the latecomers the owner is not being unfair to those who have worked all...
All Saints Icon 1 Time to get the sprouts on ... Jump to new posts by Sarasa (34)   

Last year's vegetarian dish was a mushroom wellington. I quite often use mushrooms and chestnuts as the main ingredients, I've had choux buns, steamed puddings etc with them in the past. I've also made...
Purgatory Icon 1 The Trinity Jump to new posts by anteater (31)   

QUOTE: ----- What do you perceive to be the nature of the Trinity? ----- I don't think I do since I have insufficient faith in our ability to understand the true nature of God, that I don't try much....
All Saints Icon 1 Prayers of the Faithful - 2017 Jump to new posts by Sarasa (2907)   

For JJ and all her family :votive: For AC - Hope it all goes well :votive: For allt hat need our prayers and cannot ask.
Purgatory Icon 1 Buddhism and Christianity Compatible Jump to new posts by Adeodatus (33)   

I think my first question here would be “which Buddhism”? There are many.
Heaven Icon 1 Unusual apologies Jump to new posts by balaam (13)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Stetson: Whereas in fact, leaving early can be just as bad as leaving late, if the person has planned his travel schedule on the assumption that the train would be leaving...
The Styx Icon 1 New ship and new boards... please support us! Jump to new posts by Alan Cresswell (51)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by RuthW: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by magicroundabout: You may say: "But it's not broken - so why fix it?" and you'd have a point. It works ... ----- It does! Mostly....
Heaven Icon 1 Confess Your Unpopular Opinion Jump to new posts by Eirenist (571)   

If I were the Queen, faced with the prospect of the Corbynistas forming the next Fovernment, I think I'd put all my money as far beyond their reach as possible.
Hell Icon 1 Martinsplaining Jump to new posts by Yorick (78)   

I’m aware this post will make people hate me, but this is something I feel very strongly about. What RooK is talking about above is precisely what makes the Ship special and worthwhile. Inclusivity....
Heaven Icon 1 Interesting Words Jump to new posts by Eirenist (128)   

Sorry, that was meant to go in 'unpopular opinions'.
Purgatory Icon 1 Zimbabwe Jump to new posts by Kwesi (22)   

Fuzzipeg QUOTE: ----- Much to my surprise the Economist seems to think that Emmerson Mnangagwa will take steps to revive the economy and reverse much of Mugabe's policy but he, and Zanu PF, are not noted...
All Saints Icon 1 Lands of the Southern Cross Jump to new posts by Galloping Granny (1370)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Zappa: With my strong connections with Zambia I have a great interest in Zimbabawe ... I think so far the army are doing an uncharacteristically genius job of maintaining...
Purgatory Icon 1 Oops - your Trump presidency discussion thread Jump to new posts by Boogie (2715)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Ian Climacus: Trump tweets (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-20/donald-trum p-says-he-should-have-left-ucla-players-jail-china /9167232) he should've left basketball...
Hell Icon 1 SSM by postal vote Jump to new posts by Dark Knight (165)   

Starting to think the ACL might be so out of touch they are not actually in our epoch anymore. Lyle Shelton has been obsessed with arguing the slippery slope for years. Given his tortured logic it is...
The Circus Icon 1 2017 Celebrity Death Pool Jump to new posts by Dark Knight (398)   

Was the utterly unlamented Manson (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-20/charles-man son-dead-at-83/9171388) on anyone's list?
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 Pulpit Canopy Jump to new posts by John3000 (4)   

That's my new thing learned for today :)
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 When Christmas Eve is a Sunday Jump to new posts by Baptist Trainfan (132)   

You could be right ... though my comment still stands (Emmaus is for Easter Sunday evening by the way).
Purgatory Icon 1 Sex: Who Decides? Jump to new posts by Lyda*Rose (23)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Leorning Cniht: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Tortuf: If someone of a female gender wishes to compete with people of a male gender in sports I believe it should...
The Circus Icon 1 Three word story Jump to new posts by Golden Key (9102)   

-jointed and happy
Total active threads: 39  |  Pages:  1  2 

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