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Heaven Icon 1 April Book Group: Cotillion by Georgette Heyer Jump to new posts by Brenda Clough (38)   

Reading the first bit: Heyer begins this novel in a relatively unusual way (at least from the modern point of view). Although Kitty and her fate are clearly the focus of all her male kindred's fretting,...
Heaven Icon 1 When prayers of self-control are required. Jump to new posts by Drifting Star (21)   

Yes. Surrounded by a rose garden.
Purgatory Icon 1 resurrection bodies Jump to new posts by Martin60 (47)   

Which part of ME?! And why can't it be full and empty and indeterminate? Schrödinger's perfume? Or is there no quantum mechanics in God's holodeck?
Purgatory Icon 1 US election aftermath Jump to new posts by Brenda Clough (2049)   

I have made more than a dozen signs now for various marches, and I've put them all up on my Pinterest page so that people can borrow them at need. The ones from yesterday I released into the wild, handing...
Purgatory Icon 1 One Atonement Jump to new posts by Mudfrog (48)   

I have a friend who is an adherent member of The Salvation Army. (An adherent is one who doesn't enter into the soldiers' covenant. They don't have to subscribe to all our doctrines or lifestyle choices)....
Ecclesiantics Icon 1 Sundry liturgical questions Jump to new posts by Brenda Clough (1655)   

Today (second Sunday in Easter) the assistant rector decided it would be great to start the sermon with a couple rounds of Jeopardy. Alex, I'll take the Christian Calendar questions. THIS MAN SHOULD...
All Saints Icon 1 Roses, foxgloves, snowdrops, blue forget-me-nots Jump to new posts by Brenda Clough (726)   

I had cataract surgery. Which got me out of my contact lenses, but trapped me forever behind a series of readers. And I have lost, forever, my crazy myopic focus, when I could thread a needle without...
Purgatory Icon 1 Counter Culture Jump to new posts by Schroedinger's cat (31)   

SO OK, the anti-slavery movement was largely driven by Christians - yes, in opposition to other Christians, but driven by counter-cultural Christians. Whereas the promotion of womens' rights has been...
Purgatory Icon 1 Taking Kids Out-Of-School Jump to new posts by leo (235)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by mr cheesy: I was exercising my legal right. ----- Tyhe last four comissions of RE have stated that withdrwal is anachronistic - parents had a right to withdraw from...
Purgatory Icon 1 French presidential election Jump to new posts by stonespring (153)   

Have our French shipmates voted yet? What was it like at the polls?
Heaven Icon 1 Pull To Open: Doctor Who 2017 Jump to new posts by balaam (26)   

Doctor to Bill about the TARDIS: "You'll be safe in here." There is a certainty about the story arc: Bill will not be safe in the TARDIS. In episode 1 Bill asked the Doctor to save Heather, which he...
Purgatory Icon 1 UK General Election June 8th 2017 Jump to new posts by leo (229)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Ricardus: E: Thangam Debbonaire[/URL] - for obvious reasons she doesn't have much of a voting record so it's hard to judge if she's a centrist or not ----- She's my...
All Saints Icon 1 Aging Parents Jump to new posts by Penny S (1467)   

I keep coming back to this, without much of an idea of how to make things work better. But one idea has been to find joint activities for A and AP to do together, out of the home, such that when the...
All Saints Icon 1 All new job search support thread Jump to new posts by Piglet (1395)   

Prayers ascending, Zappa and Mr. Beaky. :votive:
All Saints Icon 1 Prayers of the Faithful - 2017 Jump to new posts by Piglet (1184)   

Glad to hear you got through it, WJ. :) :votive: for all in need.
The Circus Icon 1 Everlasting.... Jump to new posts by Welease Woderwick (6529)   

I've got a luvverly bunch of coconuts - in my garden!
Purgatory Icon 1 Fly the Friendly Skies? Jump to new posts by lilBuddha (60)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Penny S: Discussion on the radio yesterday included that some airlines ban the use of videoing of passengers or staff without their permission being granted in advance....
All Saints Icon 1 Decluttering support thread Jump to new posts by Boogie (2401)   

Still shredding - the cardboard recycling bin is full! :yipee:
All Saints Icon 1 how to stop being bitchy Jump to new posts by Boogie (17)   

It's a mood thing. Work on lifting your mood - anything which works for you, we are all different. The thing which helps me best is to switch off my thinking. I listen to podcasts, especially comedy...
Hell Icon 1 Martin60 knock it off Jump to new posts by mousethief   

First you call me a girl (http://forum.ship-of-fools.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb .cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=020147;p=2#000082) then you call me ma'am. You are clearly aiming to be insulting. It's a sexist way...
Total active threads: 34  |  Pages:  1  2 

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