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Purgatory Icon 1 Zimbabwe Jump to new posts by Ian Climacus (15)   

Thanks shamwari. Interesting hearing what happened to you. Not sure I could've kept my cool and keep going in that morning service. A lot of speculation in where Mugabe may go. And rather sad, as it...
Heaven Icon 1 Hope This Helps: General Enquiries 2017 Jump to new posts by Leorning Cniht (197)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Ian Climacus: My 9 yo niece wants a book on horses. Pictures AND words apparently. She does ask for a lot. ;) ----- Well, there's this one. (https://www.amazon.com/Horsemeat-Cookbook-Braisin...
Purgatory Icon 1 Oops - your Trump presidency discussion thread Jump to new posts by Ian Climacus (2693)   

Anyone going to hunt elephants? Maybe you can pay for it with your HUUUUUUGE tax cuts. That are really tax cuts for corporations. Who the recent papers leak showed corporations hide their funds offshore...
Purgatory Icon 1 End of the South China Sea conflict? Jump to new posts by Dave W. (40)   

You seem to have an idiosyncratic sense of what it is to be a superpower, mrWaters. Apparently you think it's a rank the US had, then lost around the fall of Saigon, then regained at some later (as yet...
Purgatory Icon 1 The current scandals and my political dilemma Jump to new posts by Ohher (28)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by mousethief: I think he needs to resign. Full stop. ----- I'm not sure about this. Franken's agreed to undergo an ethics investigation. Given that there's some chance...
Hell Icon 1 "Christian Concern" bunch of wankers Jump to new posts by Golden Key (39)   

{Possibly TMI/offensive.} QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Erroneous Monk: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by gorpo: Isn´t it quite clear that it´s Jesus will thay boys dress like girls ----- Yes it...
Heaven Icon 1 Ancient Geek-Computer myths and facts Jump to new posts by Ian Climacus (161)   

I'm on ESR too due to some work site requirements. From what I read it is quicker, but the People were in Uproar over their add-ins not working.
Purgatory Icon 1 What are we going to do about men in politics? Jump to new posts by lilBuddha (271)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by mr cheesy: QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Golden Key: FWIW: I said "don't *keep* targeting". As in, over and over again. ----- Almost everyone has to keep targetting...
Hell Icon 1 SSM by postal vote Jump to new posts by orfeo (152)   

lilBuddha, I say this with all sincerity... What the Fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, the only sensible way to read Eutychus' original comment was that it was about the accuracy of Eutychus' guess....
All Saints Icon 1 Roses, foxgloves, snowdrops, blue forget-me-nots Jump to new posts by L'organist (1939)   

The lights arose because my papa met a mate in Cardiff who was busy shopping for tree lights after a row with his wife over the necessity of having a decorated tree when their child was less than a year...
All Saints Icon 1 Time to get the sprouts on ... Jump to new posts by L'organist (4)   

Not for Christmas, rather the period before: I've batch-cooked bolognese sauce, fish pie and a few other bits and pieces for those weeks when we all need (and want) to eat but don't have the time to...
Purgatory Icon 1 The social-progressive mindset Jump to new posts by orfeo (405)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by Russ: And if it's a slanted interpretation, a view that takes one theme, one strand of the tapestry, and upholds it against the whole, then isn't there a word for that...
All Saints Icon 1 Animal companions in our happy homes Jump to new posts by Graven Image (539)   

Molly the pup and I were out for her walk this morning. It is trash pick up day and so everyone has their cans out at the curb. As we were walking down the street suddenly a very large dog behind a wire...
All Saints Icon 1 Lands of the Southern Cross Jump to new posts by Piglet (1357)   

I suspect at the moment that your country and mine (well, my adopted one anyway*) are the only ones on the planet with prime ministers who rock. :D * The least said about my country of birth, the better...
All Saints Icon 1 Recently diagnosed Aspie Jump to new posts by Piglet (67)   

Thanks, Ruth! :)
All Saints Icon 1 All new job search support thread Jump to new posts by Piglet (1463)   

I delivered my CV today to the local branch of a chain of opticians, for a part-time receptionist's job. The girl who took it was very friendly, asking me what hours would suit me and so on (the hours...
Heaven Icon 1 Unusual apologies Jump to new posts by Alan Cresswell (4)   

The announcer at Fukushima Station sounded apologetic when my morning train was 10 minutes late. I say sounded because I didn't know what he was actually saying ... I assumed it was related to being...
All Saints Icon 1 Prayers of the Faithful - 2017 Jump to new posts by Piglet (2888)   

{{{Telepath}}} That is rotten - I hope your supervisors can get the mess sorted out. :votive: for you and all others in need, especially Rossweisse's Mary Anne.
Purgatory Icon 1 Do you laugh or do you weep? Jump to new posts by Adeodatus (51)   

I was quite indifferent to this whole thing until the revelation I read today (Ship of Fools on twitter) that "Lord Jesus" backwards reads "Susejd Rol". Now I think it's a work of genius.
Purgatory Icon 1 Why do some Evangelicals have a problem with transgender? Jump to new posts by chris stiles (163)   

QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by quetzalcoatl: Well, in the UK, that doesn't seem a danger. Even the Tories seem well-disposed to trans people, that should be, some Tories of course. ----- At the political...
Total active threads: 31  |  Pages:  1  2 

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