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Source: (consider it) Thread: Dead Horses: U.S. Supreme Court Decision
Leorning Cniht
# 17564

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Originally posted by lilBuddha:
Not quite. The Mormon decision focuses on one aspect of otherwise practicing faithful.
Your Christian example is about general disregard to the entire belief system.

Yes, it requires in addition "nobody being obstinately gay is a good Mormon", but I was under the impression that that was the standard Mormon line anyway.

IOW, my understanding of the standard Mormon position is that it doesn't make sense to talk about "otherwise practicing faithful" in gay relationships, and that this is just a formal clarification of that rather than anything new.

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Net Spinster
# 16058

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This also affects children whose parents have divorced. One parent is now in a same-sex marriage and the other is a devout Mormon; the former even if no longer Mormon is willing to have the latter raise the children Mormon. Now the church says they can't be treated as Mormon children.

spinner of webs

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# 16772

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In response to the turmoil ( a thousand Mormons resigned in a mass rally) the Mormon Church issued a clarification that children of divorced couples who were not residing with a same sex couple could have the benefits of the Church ceremonies.
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Ship's ferret
# 29

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Originally posted by Palimpsest:
In response to the turmoil ( a thousand Mormons resigned in a mass rally) the Mormon Church issued a clarification that children of divorced couples who were not residing with a same sex couple could have the benefits of the Church ceremonies.

However, this still means that a child living with same-sex parents cannot be baptized if they hadn't been already. Of course, they can always baptized after they die--I'm sure that's comforting for all. [Mad]

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Golden Key
# 1468

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Due to the independent status of Native American nations, "Gay marriage is legal but not on tribal lands" (AP/Yahoo). The law depends on the particular tribe.

[ 28. November 2015, 00:35: Message edited by: Golden Key ]

Blessed Gator, pray for us!
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--"Oh, Peace Train, save this country!" (Yusuf/Cat Stevens, "Peace Train")

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# 238

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Bumping this thread because a "clever" legislator in Kentucky has come up with what he thinks is a way around the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision [PDF]. The idea is fairly simple:

  1. Add something called "matrimony" to the civil code of Kentucky and specify that while anyone can "marry", only opposite sex couples who are married can enter into "matrimony".
  2. Remove all benefits currently assigned to "marriage" from Kentucky law and assign those benefits to "matrimony.

It's point #2 that will probably be problematic from Obergefell's point of view. For instance:

The bill is over 450 pages long because, once it defines “matrimony,” it proceeds to add the term throughout all of Kentucky law. For the statutes that define the basic parameters of marriage, duplicate language is added defining “matrimony” by the exact same parameters. But anywhere that the law outlines a privilege, benefit, or responsibility previously made available to marriage, the word “marriage” is replaced by the word “matrimony.”

For example, the bill amends Kentucky statute 216.515, which addresses the rights of residents of long-term care facilities. Where that law grants married residents the right of private spousal visits as well as the right to a shared room with their spouse if they both live in the same facility, HB 572 replaces the word “is married” to “has entered into matrimony.” Thus, the law would only apply to married different-sex couples, not married same-sex couples.

A cursory glance at the long bill suggests that it effectively removes all marital rights from every possible state statute, from parenting rights to insurance rights and so on — reserving these privileges only for couples that have “entered into a matrimony.”

The obvious problem here is that Obergefell wasn't about the word "marriage", it was about the state preferentially ascribing rights, privileges, and benefits to opposite-sex couples that it denied to same-sex couples, something which Mr. Fischer is apparently attempting to reinstate.

There have been numerous shipmates who have proposed a "semantic fix" to same-sex marriage (allow such unions but call them something other than "marriage"). This would seem to highlight the rather obvious problem with such an approach. Once you have a "separate but equal" legal regime in place, it doesn't take much tampering for "equal" to go away.

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# 14333

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I don't think the incompatibility with Obergefell is the only problem. IM, admittedly limited, E, the Supremes get a bit testy when you attempt to flout their rulings.

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Hallellou, hallellou

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Ship's Musical Counterpoint
# 13878

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It swings back and forth over time, but nowadays a lot of courts are more interested in what something is, not in what you call it.

The point of the court decision is that it is not acceptable to give heterosexuals a status not available to homosexuals. Switching the label "marriage" from the 1st-class option to the 2nd-class option is not going to solve the problem whatsoever, though I'm not surprised that someone is simultaneously stupid enough and tricky enough to believe that it will.

Technology has brought us all closer together. Turns out a lot of the people you meet as a result are complete idiots.

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Gee D
# 13815

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Exactly. The authority against what is proposed is the old Brown v Board of Education, now 60 years old but good law now as it was when it was decided. Separate necessarily means not equal.

Not every Anglican in Sydney is Sydney Anglican

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