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Source: (consider it) Thread: Great British Bake-Off 2013
# 12271

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I was rooting for Kimberley, but Frances was a worthy winner, certainly her wedding cake was the only one that looked like you might want it at a wedding - I guess there wasn't enough time for fruit cake, but what about pillars?

Think I'm going to have a go at a vegetarian picnic loaf.

'I guess things didn't go so well tonight, but I'm trying. Lord, I'm trying.' Charlie (Harvey Keitel) in Mean Streets.

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Tremendous trifler
# 3128

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Originally posted by Thyme:
Master Chef Professionals starts next week. (I think it's next week, not this week?) Anyone watching that?

Probably. But am I the only one who longs for the good old days when the (original) amateur Masterchef was much more like the Bake-Off - i.e., talented amateurs doing their own stuff in a home kitchen environment? I could live without good old Lloyd G though.

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Making an ass of myself
# 4543

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Originally posted by Pyx_e:
sigh ruby is gonna win, sigh, the numpty

Shame she didn't.

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Gill H

# 68

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Good result.

Watching the preceding programme, which recapped past year, I felt yet again that they go for certain personality types. Cathryn was last year's Ruby, talented but permanently on the verge of panic or tears. Brendan was last year's Kimberley, consistently good, more reserved than the others and hence seen as smug by some (not me, I loved his bone-dry humour).

*sigh* We can’t all be Alan Cresswell.

- Lyda Rose

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# 17175

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I was surprised at how shoddy Ruby and Kimberley's wedding cakes were - the layers on Kimberley's didn't even look even? Frances' was very pretty as well as interesting and I think that sealed her fate. And those marzipan bees again! Now I want a wedding cake with marzipan bees on it.

Frances has been my favourite from early on though, I do love it when she nips off to Planet Frances [Smile] The Chelsea Flour Show looked so delicious.

I DID love the look of Ruby's veggie picnic pie though. To be honest the highlight of GBBO '13 has as always been Mel and 'I've never eaten a nun before' Sue.

Consider the work of God: Who is able to straighten what he has bent? [Ecclesiastes 7:13]

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Heavenly Anarchist
# 13313

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A deserving winner. Based on the comments from the judges I think Kimberley would have won if her pie hadn't been so disastrous. Frances won hands down on the wedding cake, it was ideal for her.
Kimberley's cake would have been much better if she had chosen one basic icing technique, like the embossing with shimmer powder overlaid, and then something in a colour to compliment it. As it was it looked untidy. But the inside looked lovely.
Ruby's cake looked awful, her icing wasn't smoothed and her icing cut outs roughly done.

[ 23. October 2013, 18:25: Message edited by: Heavenly Anarchist ]

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# 9657

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Originally posted by Heavenly Anarchist:

Kimberley's cake would have been much better if she had chosen one basic icing technique,

Although the decoration/finish on her layers were all different the basic icing, as far as I could see was the same - two layers, both of which needed rolling, placing carefully and smoothing (either almond & fondant paste - or did I hear her say fondant and modelling paste?). Both layers would have taken some time to get a good smooth finish. If she had used a more forgiving type of base icing she would have had more time to dress it up for a show-stopping effect.

I'm so glad that Paul & Mary weren't around to judge the Drum Kit wedding cake I made for my son's wedding in the summer - and I spent a lot longer than 6 hours on it. [Eek!]

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Ordinary decent pagan
# 619

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Anyone read Ruby's piece in The Guardian ?

Sad (but unsurprising) state of affairs.

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# 1726

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"Sod the haters. I'm going to have my cupcake and eat it, too."

That's such a great line!

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Semi-social raptor
# 14289

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It was Ruby and Kimberly all the way to the end, but their wedding cakes were shambolic. They had the most natural talent in terms of flavours and good eating,though never as precise and pretty as Frances, who really had a impressive style. But how could they win after such travesties of wedding cakes? Frances' wasn't perfect but Ruby underbaked two entire cakes!! Oh dear oh dear. Ruby sometimes does fall to peices when stressed but that was her worst bake in the series! And Kimberley usually does such original, beautiful pieces I was astonished at the cliched lumps that were her cakes. I can't believe they came from her!

I'd have prefered to ignore the wedding cake challenge alltogether and give the prize to Ruby for her performance throughout the series. When taken as a whole she was head and shoulders above Frances, despite her messiness and imprecision in finishing. But Frances was better right at the end so I suppose she had to take it, no matter Ruby's previous brilliance.

“We are to find God in what we know, not in what we don't know." Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Penny S
# 14768

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Originally posted by Firenze:
Anyone read Ruby's piece in The Guardian ?

Sad (but unsurprising) state of affairs.

Impressive piece of writing, though, compared with that final cake.
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Oscar the Grouch

Adopted Cascadian
# 1916

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Originally posted by Penny S:
Originally posted by Firenze:
Anyone read Ruby's piece in The Guardian ?

Sad (but unsurprising) state of affairs.

Impressive piece of writing, though, compared with that final cake.
"Janet and John at School" would be impressive compared with that final cake....

It was a shambles, wasn't it?

I wasn't that surprised by Ruby's meltdown - you always had the impression that her genius had a fragility that might let her down at the key moment. But I was surprised at Kimberley. She hasn't been the most visually stunning, but her creations were usually well executed. She made two big blunders in the final. The picnic pie was a disaster waiting to happen, especially when you saw how Frances and Ruby had gone to such lengths to ensure that their pastry stayed crisp and dry. How someone of Kimberley's obvious talent could have made that mistake astounds me. And then her wedding cake was so.... DULL. It may have tasted fantastic, but surely she knew that it had to be visually good as well, especially when she knew that Frances was bound to produce something great to look at.

If she had avoided just one of those blunders, I think she would have won.

But nothing should be taken away from Frances. She delivered in spades when she had to. And perhaps more importantly, as the judges made clear, she was the one who showed that she had learned and grown as a baker over the course of the contest.

Faradiu, dundeibáwa weyu lárigi weyu

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