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Source: (consider it) Thread: Employees are different today? Maybe employers too?
Leorning Cniht
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Originally posted by Sandemaniac:
but I have seen a number of summer students come through the lab, and some of those have some very odd ideas about what is expected of them - timekeeping is a common issue, as is sticking power.

Students, as a rule, don't do timekeeping, and I don't think most of them look on a summer placement in their academic department as work. It's more like an extension of their undergraduate studies, and if they don't bother to show up for morning lectures, why would they show up to the lab in the morning?

Don't even get me started on documentation.

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Originally posted by Sandemaniac:

How good has that made me feel? Like a piece of poo dangling from the department's anus. This place is a festering crap hole to work for and it's not as though it's a small university either - we are talking top three in the world large Dark Blue UK university here.

I just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear what's happened to you. A good friend of mine has been under threat of redundancy at a major UK university this last year and even though he finally found out he gets to keep his job he's a a wreck. I really hope that things work out better for you soon and the generally management ********ery [expletives deleted] stops.

I am disappointed in a large dark blue UK university from which I must confess I have a degree.

[ 19. August 2015, 15:45: Message edited by: Helen-Eva ]

I thought the radio 3 announcer said "Weber" but it turned out to be Webern. Story of my life.

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Ship's Thieving Rodent
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Originally posted by Fabricate Diem PVNC:
I now run a funky cafe, employing people to work there is hard. I describe my ideal worker as an octopus who can juggle while simultaneously telling a good joke. Had three young people on trials, one twice, who didn't work out. As a very small business I can't afford more than a couple of dozen hours a week of staff but as an ex teacher and a whole bunch of other stuff, I can give people excellent work experience, help looking for next job etc (I have helped one staff member get into higher education, she starts in a month and I'm short staffed now!) but I find getting good people with excellent people skills really tough. I now give prospective trial people three oranges and tell them that when they return for their paid trial in a few days, I want to see them do 6 'passes' juggling the oranges. If they try, even if they fail, you case the effort they put in and I am more likely to hire them.
Can I also add that when you hire a young enthusiastic person at the start of summer break, they will accurately tell you they have nothing planned over the summer so they can work every week. Of course as soon as you start paying them, they have the money for festivals and having fun and suddenly they are not available at rather short notice.... Exactly what I would have done at their age, but it doesn't make it any easier!

So in short you say "I can't pay you well or give you many hours, but I expect you to work like a dog for scraps." And you wonder why you can't keep workers.

The whole thing about "well it's a shitty job but it will train you for future jobs" is a lot like telling a musician "well I can't pay you to play for our wedding/convention/etc, but think of the exposure you'll get." Exposure, and low-paid training for future jobs, don't pay the rent or put food on the table.

This is the last sig I'll ever write for you...

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I have a job now, for which I am grateful, especially as I've just had a promotion, the training for which is nearly over, and the exam for which is on Wednesday [Help]

I found the process of sending applications off into a vortex from which there was no response, sometimes not even an automated "your application has been received" crushing and disappointing.

I would, however like to make mention of a company who did not do that, and who didn't give me an interview, but who not only acknowledged my application, but sent me a personal, individual "thanks, no thanks, we nearly interviewed you, we liked this, this and this about your CV, and you sound like a good person for this, this and this reason, but you don't have the experience in retail that those we invited to interviews did have, and best wishes for your ongoing search" email that encouraged me hugely even though it was a rejection.
That was "Lush", the natural cosmetics company, and if that is their standard practise across their stores and departments, I hope they go from strength to strength. They had clearly not only read my CV, but actually referred to it and specific details of it in their response, and made me feel like a human. I'm more than happy to buy their stuff if they actually think of their employees and potential employees as people.

I hope nobody minds me mentioning them by name, but it's so rare to find that, I feel like everyone should know that they did (and hopefully still do) a good thing, that is rare and deserves to be celebrated, and hope that maybe they're not the only ones out there.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." (Mark Twain)

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sigh. My daughter graduated with a BA (Anthropology, which has a lot to do with what I'm about to write), two years ago, and has yet to have a "real" job. she applies to several jobs a day (not necessarily career jobs in her field.. pretty much ANY job other than retail or food service, and she may sink to that soon). She had exactly ONE serious offer, which fell through due to something in her past (minor, but didn't meet their background check criteria). At this point she'd take pretty much anything. And you'd better believe she follows up one way or another on any feedback she gets. she is either over qualified (so they assume she would leave), or under qualified (not the right skills, lack of experience), or just competing against people with even better credentials. of all the resumes she sends out and interviews she goes to, about half never follow up one way or another, so it is a two way street.

[ 19. August 2015, 17:01: Message edited by: Anyuta ]

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