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Source: (consider it) Thread: November Remembrances
# 58

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In the past we've had a thread in All Saints during November specifically to commemorate those deceased who are dear to you and to ask for prayer for them. They may be gone but they are not forgotten.

Rest in peace and rise in glory [Votive]

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Raptor Eye
# 16649

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[Votive] for my dad, particularly remembered now as I didn't find out until after he died what he went through in WW2

[ 02. November 2014, 12:30: Message edited by: Raptor Eye ]

Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46.10

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Welease Woderwick

Sister Incubus Nightmare
# 10424

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For both my parents and for my friend Shyam who took his own life back in 2004 - and for so many others.


I give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.
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What part of Matt. 7:1 don't you understand?

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Sioni Sais
# 5713

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Now let me see who of my family served in WW2:

[Votive] Dad, Mum (who lost her first husband, father to my brothers), Father-in-law, who just survived aircrew training and Mother-in-law, who was a WAAF. Uncle F who was in the Merchant Navy, plus others I never met, for various reasons.

[Votive] All those who served and especially those who died or bore and continue to bear the scars.

"He isn't Doctor Who, he's The Doctor"

(Paul Sinha, BBC)

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# 58

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For my aunt, who died this summer. Her birthday would have been this week. Born in 1918, named "Winifred" because it meant "bringer of peace", an anticipation of Armistice Day.

For my uncle, who also died this summer, a Burma veteran.

For my father, long gone, but never forgotten.

For Fay, who went altogether too soon last summer, Barbara and Kyra that I used to work with, who went in spring.

For Tommy and Connie Doyle, for their generosity of spirit with what they had.

For those who died alone or afraid, with nobody to mark their passing or comfort them. Rest in peace, and may eternal light shine on them.


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# 1672

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For my Mum and Dad, still missed and thought about constantly though they died in 2000 and 2002 respectively [Votive]

And for Linda, my best friend at primary school [Votive]
We went to different secondary schools and hardly saw each other after the age of 11. However, by coincidence Linda went to the school where my Mum later got a job and they spoke occasionally. Linda left school at 16 and I never heard of her again. Over the years I thought of her from time to time – was she married? Children? Grandchildren? Then earlier this year I was shocked to discover that she had died from cancer at the age of 19 [Frown]

The older I get the less I know.

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# 28

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For my mother and father.

For my grandparents.

For my cousins Barbara and Carolyn, murdered far too young.

For my Aunt Elaine, gone this year.

On pilgrimage in the endless realms of Cyberia, currently traveling by ship. Now with live journal!

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Uncle Pete

Loyaute me lie
# 10422

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Mine would be a long list, so I will confine myself to this year, while remembering All Souls on their epynomous day:

Danielle Jan 1 age 26 [Tear]
June in April
Margaret in August (both my cousins,full of years)

My parents and two of my elder brothers need no remembrance: I think of them and pray for them every day.

Even more so than I was before

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# 716

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For Daddy Vern.
For Grand-Mary.
For my bio parents.
For Cubby's deceased family members.
For Barley.
For all of the wonderful famous people who have touched our lives who passed this year, Robin and others.
For Penny, who's been in my thoughts lately. (Unintentional pun there, but she might especially appreciate that.)
For Uncle Richard.
For those who taught me what I know, especially Jack and Charles and Gilbert and George.
For Anna and Meyer/Max, my great-grandparents through whom I trace my Jewish heritage.
For all others unnamed, and especially all who have no one to remember them or are forgotten.
[Votive] [Axe murder]

My essays on comics continuity: http://chastmastr.tumblr.com/tagged/continuity

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# 11803

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For my mum, D's dad and my brother-in-law.

May they rest in peace and rise in glory.

[Votive] [Votive] [Votive]

I may not be on an island any more, but I'm still an islander.
alto n a soprano who can read music

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Barnabas Aus
# 15869

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For my father, who would have been 93 today.
Posts: 375 | From: Hunter Valley NSW | Registered: Sep 2010  |  IP: Logged
# 3473

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Memories of both my mother and father have been with me this year. They struggled so hard to buy our family home and now I am spending my share of the money that was realised when it was sold.

Tomorrow I will be able to buy new hearing aids thanks to them.
I'd still rather they were at the end of the phone. [Tear]


Charity gives food from the table, Justice gives a place at the table.

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North East Quine

Curious beastie
# 13049

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This is the anniversary of our darling son's stillbirth; today is the anniversary of his death in utero, tomorrow will be the anniversary of his birth.


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Arabella Purity Winterbottom

Trumpeting hope
# 3434

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This year:

My cousin Christine, sister of Our Lady of the Missions.

Bruce, who was a friend of my mother's since they were children, and much loved by all of us, lifelong Presbyterian.

My father-in-law, Jack, son of a rabbi, atheist from age 14, with a vast knowledge of religion.

Hell is full of the talented and Heaven is full of the energetic. St Jane Frances de Chantal

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# 1194

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I remember my nephew, who felt the burden of mental illness was too heavy to carry, and took his life. He wanted new life and now he has it with God.
I remember my godson, with his tragic health condition, who went to be with God....
And my parents, long gone but still much loved.

[ 07. November 2014, 05:50: Message edited by: Rowen ]

"May I live this day… compassionate of heart" (John O’Donoghue)...

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Kelly Alves

Bunny with an axe
# 2522

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I have been thinking about my grandma a lot lately. [Votive]

I cannot expect people to believe “
Jesus loves me, this I know” of they don’t believe “Kelly loves me, this I know.”
Kelly Alves, somewhere around 2003.

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# 1179

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For my Dad, gone for 37 years now but I still miss him dreadfully

Maius intra qua extra

Never accept a ride from a stranger, unless they are in a big blue box

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# 10582

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For Fr W. and all those who have taken their own lives.
For Jackson, a wonderful young man, who died in the Solomon Islands of an injury that would have been easily treated here.
For Lillian, larger than life with a heart even bigger, gone too soon.
God keep you all in his love and care until we meet again. [Votive]

'All the same, it may be that I am wrong; what I take for gold and diamonds may be only a little copper and glass.'

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