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Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
My wife and I will be in Germany for the most part of a month around this time next year. I'm starting to look for books to read, and my initial searches are turning up a plethora of books about the Nazis, but only weighty tomes worth over $100 on Germany now. I remember reading Stasiland many years ago, and its stuff about the integration of two related but different peoples that I'm after.

I don't speak or read German.
Posted by Golden Key (# 1468) on :
Just a thought:

You might look for a biography of Chancellor Angela Merkel. She grew up in E. Germany, so some of what you want might be included.

Also check out Rick Steves, author and travel guide. He specializes in Europe, and has been doing great travel shows and books for decades. He's really good. You can see several shows and clips on Germany in the "Watch, Read, Listen" section.

Have fun! [Smile]
Posted by Kittyville (# 16106) on :
I have Mary Fullbrook's "A History of Germany 1918-2014" which has a brief bibliography on "Unification and Germany Since 1990". Unfortunately, most of the suggested works aren't particularly recent and also look like they'd be quite narrow academic works. But if you looked her works up on Amazon or wherever, you might get suggestions of more useful books.

Happy to PM you the bibliography, if it's of interest, though, simontoad.
Posted by Jane R (# 331) on :
You might find some articles on the web of interest as an introduction to the subject. I had a quick Google (you may have done this already, of course) and found a lot of online articles about German reunification that were published after the 25th anniversary celebrations in 2014 - e.g. here. Doesn't give much detail, but quite a good overview of the key social differences.

If you are planning to visit specific areas, check out the tourist board websites for that region/city/town as well. Most will have English-language versions.

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Posted by Hedgehog (# 14125) on :
Not a book, but the Deutsche Welle site is extremely useful for information on Germany. In English. Along with current news (and a lot of election news right now), there are a number of cultural articles aimed to give a newcomer tips about current German attitudes and expectations.

And the site even offers a variety of online German courses, if you want to learn a few basic phrases before you go.
Posted by Ian Climacus (# 944) on :
I second Deutsche Welle. Great resources.

If you want a laugh, I can recommend the film Goodbye Lenin.
Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
thanks very much people. The Angela Merkel idea is a good one I reckon. I might start there and see where it leads me. Goodbye Lenin was a great film Ian, I'm going to have to re-watch that. Plus Duetsche Welle, we get that on SBS and the radio here [Smile] . Thanks also to Jane and Kittyville for excellent suggestions.
Posted by Golden Key (# 1468) on :
I third Deutsche Welle.
Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
I had a look at the site: OMG!
Posted by Hedgehog (# 14125) on :
Originally posted by simontoad:
I had a look at the site: OMG!

Yes. Almost hard to believe it is all for free.

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