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Posted by SusanDoris (# 12618) on :
I can't see a 2017 Strictly thread yet...
I would be most interested to hear opinions of the new judge in last night's show. I thought she was weak, far too inclined to give a good mark because she enjoyed it. I thought she was supposed to be strict on technique and although it was only the first show, I think she set the wrong tone.
Posted by Schroedinger's cat (# 64) on :
I have watched half. She seemed lenient, but then the first week is always a strange one - judges tend to mark either high to encourage or low because they are not very good yet.

I am surprised that she is head judge. I think it would have been better for a more experienced judge. But I will give her a few more weeks yet.
Posted by SusanDoris (# 12618) on :
Thank you - it will certainly be interesting to see how she comments and marks in future weeks. I have to say I am not hopeful, but will quickly change my mind if I am wrong! [Smile]
Posted by Sarasa (# 12271) on :
It might take a while for her to settle in, we were saying last night how much better as a judge Darcy has become since she first started. Having said that Shirley seemed a bit too much like Darcy and there was no one doing a Len saying 'Good dance but not a Foxtrot' or whatever which I missed.
Posted by Gill H (# 68) on :
She has years of ballroom experience and has been a judge on the US version.

She mentioned a lot of the steps done (perhaps to prove her credentials to the audience).

I think she approached the first week very much as a teacher - wanting to encourage in the early states.
Posted by Roseofsharon (# 9657) on :
I thought she was a bit too nice, and marked rather high, but as Shroedinger's cat said, the first week is a bit strange. It must be difficult to find the right tone, but I expect she will find a consistent line after a couple of weeks. It maybe a bit soon to judge her performance.
I did like her comments on the footwork, picking out specific steps to commend - even if most of the dance was iffy.

Am I the only one who thought she both looked and sounded a bit like Arlene Phillips did when she was judging? I found it slightly disconcerting.
Posted by quetzalcoatl (# 16740) on :
I liked her. I was fearing someone very strict, but she's not. I don't know whether she can withstand Bruno's groping, which Len put up with. She's also up for a laugh, which seems essential.
Posted by Hugal (# 2734) on :
She is a great comp judge and knows her stuff. She is very good on technique. I was very happy when she was chosen. She marks a little high to encourage at the moment, that will change as the series goes on
Posted by Boogie (# 13538) on :
I like her, she’s not afraid to be herself. She shows emotion when she feels it but is also critical when necessary.
Posted by Gracious rebel (# 3523) on :
I've been wondering about what the significance is (if any!) when she puts her glasses on to deliver her verdict. I think that on each of the first two shows she only did it for one couple but on this week's it happened twice.

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