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Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
Yesterday I got a facebook post from the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre asking for donations to their foodbank, particularly items they were short on. They included a link to Coles online shopping, and the address to use for delivery. I made a donation, and they got the stuff this afternoon!


This is probably old hat to seasoned givers and even older hat to you who volunteer at these places, but it was news to me!
Posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (# 5521) on :
Ah, yes, but there are so many scams afoot! Forgive Miss Amanda for being old-fashioned and hopelessly out of date, but there's always the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.
Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
As worthy as charitable donation sites are, we ask that Shipmates put a link in their sigs rather than start threads about these opportunities. Therefore, I am closing this thread.

Thank you.

Heaven Host


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