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Posted by Gill H (# 68) on :
My dad (retired vicar) preached at his church last weekend, and was talking about his first experience of incense, during ordination training. One fellow ordinand complained about the smell, and their rather acerbic lecturer responded "My boy, there are only two smells in the afterlife: incense or brimstone. So you had better get used to one of them!"

So - what would your particular little corner of Heaven smell like?

I'm assuming there will be freshly baked bread in mine. Which will, of course, feed us now and evermore.
Posted by Galilit (# 16470) on :
Incense during the services (I don't believe it will be 24-7 "Alleluia!")

Jasmine the rest of the time (which will be the perfect contrast with the cool, hard sapphire floor)
Posted by Ian Climacus (# 944) on :
Oh, I like the idea of service time and play time.

Petrichor, the smell of rain on dry earth after warm weather. I love it.
Posted by Boogie (# 13538) on :
Coffee 💕
Posted by BroJames (# 9636) on :
The smell of a mild breeze blowing across flowering heather moorland
Posted by Graven Image (# 8755) on :
A summer garden tomato warm from the sun.
Pasta sauce bubbling on the stove with a lot of garlic.
A wood fire.
A young puppy.
And the list goes on, but I will stop now.
Posted by Schroedinger's cat (# 64) on :
Bread and coffee, cooking over a wood stove.

Fresh tarmac anyone?
Posted by Piglet (# 11803) on :
As everything is perfect in Heaven, I'm assuming that there will be no allergies, so we can have all sorts of nice pongs, available on demand.

Freshly-baked bread (obviously)

Lamb-shanks cooking in the slow-cooker

That undefinable, garlicky, slightly smoky aroma of an Italian ristorante in the days when people still smoked*

The smell of the dressing-rooms in the Arts Theatre in Orkney in the 1970s and 80s - a mixture of grease-paint, fusty costumes and cigarette smoke*

Freshly-run-off copies from a Banda spirit duplicator [Biased]

Beautiful by Estee Lauder (which I wore on my wedding-day)

Wild Musk by Coty (which I still wear [Hot and Hormonal] )

That Jean-Paul Gaultier scent in a bottle shaped like a woman

* Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting that people should start smoking again - it's just that smoke was part of what made up those particular smells, which are evocative of fondly-remembered bits of my youth.

If I get even a whiff of Youth Dew, I'll know I've landed in The Other Place. [Eek!]

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Posted by Pangolin Guerre (# 18686) on :
It seems odd to select a corporeal sensation for the afterlife, but I'll play along:

- a hay field in spring/summer after a cool rain
- any citrus, especially grapefruit or lime
- a riesling, especially Rheingau Spatlese or Auslese
- a good restaurant (and the attendant hushed sound of tinkling glasses, cutlery on plates, pleasant conversation)
- my lover's freshly perspiring body
Posted by Rossweisse (# 2349) on :
Cinnamon. Lavender. The scent of clean baby.

There are more, but that's a good start.
Posted by Ohher (# 18607) on :
The scent on the wind of a field where sweetgrass has just been mowed.
Posted by Moo (# 107) on :
The scent in the air on the first day that feels like spring.

Posted by Sipech (# 16870) on :
Caraway seeds smell delightful.
Posted by balaam (# 4543) on :
Everyday in heaven you would wake to the smell of coffee and cooking bacon.

Outside is constant petrichor.
Posted by North East Quine (# 13049) on :
I hope to meet my grandfather again, and find him still smelling of outdoorsy tweed, whisky and St Bruno pipe tobacco. And my grandmother smelling of Avon Lily of the Valley.

Here on earth I love the old paper smell of archives, but in Heaven I expect to have no need of archives as there will be Perfect Knowledge.
Posted by balaam (# 4543) on :
Why not? I like the sound of an archive of perfect knowledge.
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
Lilacs in bloom.
Posted by no prophet's flag is set so... (# 15560) on :
The salty smell of a freshly opened oyster.
The smell of sandalwood.
The high country smell of spruce trees in the mountains with glacial streams humidifying the air.
Vicks Vaporub.

// I'm starting to think of this as a " scent poem". This is perhaps my first verse. I expect an eternity of verses to excite the soul. Angels dancing on invisble clouds of vapour.
Posted by Tree Bee (# 4033) on :
Heaven’s scents for me would include honeysuckle, the smell of washing dried on the line and the glorious aroma of a new baby’s head.
Posted by Schroedinger's cat (# 64) on :
Sandalwood - yes.

Also the smell of really good secondhand books.
Posted by mark_in_manchester (# 15978) on :
That garage-y smell of rubber, oil and a bit of petrol or diesel. There's a version of this which inspires the feeling that all is well and
the thing is going to work - and a version (perhaps involving a little more burnt oil, and partially-burnt petrol) which suggests it probably isn't.
Posted by Scots lass (# 2699) on :
Originally posted by North East Quine:
Here on earth I love the old paper smell of archives, but in Heaven I expect to have no need of archives as there will be Perfect Knowledge.

After years working with archives I no longer notice this, unless they're damp (which is not a good smell), so I genuinely have no idea if this is one I'd appreciate or not!

Freshly baked cake
Cooking with garlic, herbs and wine
Clinique Happy
Citrus fruit
Freshly cut grass (which will no longer give me hayfever!)
Posted by sabine (# 3861) on :
A sea breeze.

Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
Leather saddles and bridles.
A stream in the woods.
Posted by L'organist (# 17338) on :
A warm beach
Chanel No 5
Posted by Huia (# 3473) on :
The smell of NZ bush, in particular the black beech tree - Tawairauriki - and the honeydew associated with it.

The musky smell of Georgie-Porgy fat'n'fluffy after she has been caught in the rain.


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