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Posted by Curious (# 93) on :
If you scroll to picture 6 on this link,, there's an illustration from the book Ship of Fools for colouring in Colouring the Ship [Smile]
Posted by Gill H (# 68) on :
So there is! I've never seen a giant lobster on board here. I wonder if it is Simon's pet?
Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :
Top of the "list of things that used to be on the internet and sadly aren't anymore" for me is the Flaming Fire Bible, in which anybody could upload their illustration of any verse. I think I originally found it via a link in someone's sig here.

(That link won't load for me, by the way [Frown] )
Posted by Firenze (# 619) on :
As the old joke has it, Joktan begat Almodad may not be much in words, but in pictures....
Posted by Leaf (# 14169) on :
Firenze, thank you for that. I'd never considered "the begats" - the most boring parts of the Bible (second only to the temple construction invoices) - to be the literary equivalent of the Kama Sutra.

If stained-glass artists had taken up this illustrative challenge, the Sainte-Chapelle would have been the earliest version of PornHub.
Posted by Bishops Finger (# 5430) on :
O, I don't know. A whole Sainte Chapelle-full of 'begatting' might be just as conducive to ennui as PornHub.

Where's me coat gone?


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