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Posted by The Rogue (# 2275) on :
In the Trumpton thread in hell it was suggested that a poll be started about how long Mr Trump will last. So here is one.
Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
Thank you, The Rogue! I was considering starting a similar poll!!

I'm hoping we can have an impeachment on Independence Day!! (In spite of it being a holiday with the likely necessary people having the day off.)

Now if we can just arrange to have Pence resign before the impeachment, a la Agnew!!!
Posted by Schroedinger's cat (# 64) on :
I do wonder about the possibility of assassination. Not actually doing it myself, just whether someone will.

Everyone screams and ducks down.
President grasps his arm, where a bullet has skimmed him.
SS person: "No, look, you have to aim for the head. It's big and fat enough. Here, try again." Helps teh assassain to take another shot.

This time it works.
Posted by no prophet's flag is set so... (# 15560) on :
If he dies traumatically, it will be better literature. He could them be compared to Jesus: a latter-day Christ crucified by a world of fake news and facts.

The musical version - "Donald Jesus Trump, Is He Ever The Greatest Superstar" - will feature songs like "Don't be Rude" (maybe sung to Elvis Presley's Don't Be Cruel?).

I think I am going to vote "other". I think he should die from poetry, probably a flood of haiku, which overwhelms his twitter.

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Posted by Ariston (# 10894) on :
Bronzer poisoning.
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
I have a horrible feeling that he is going to last out a full term. My gut feeling is that the Republicans are not going to break party ranks and impeach. My big fear is that when unelected or, God help us, if he is reelected, coming to the end of his second term, that he refuses to leave office, requiring some kind of physical intervention.
Posted by basso (# 4228) on :
I like the talk about impeachment, but I doubt it'll happen. Still less the talk about assassination -- I remember when George Wallace was shot, and glee from some black classmates. I felt sick to my stomach. As much as I despised Wallace, and do Trump, it's not a feeling I want to have again.

In the poll, I guessed that he might resign next year for health reasons. I hope he goes, and that would be a good way.
Posted by Brenda Clough (# 18061) on :
No, he won't resign unless the only alternative is impeachment. The ego is too massive. And they won't impeach unless it's so egregious that the voters rise up and demand it. Which means it'll have to get very very bad indeed, tons worse than now. Let's all buckle in; it's going to be a rough ride.
Posted by Pigwidgeon (# 10192) on :
I just came home from a performance of "Julius Caesar." Some of the parallels were amazing. Did Shakespeare know Trump?

I really would not be surprised to see Trump assassinated. He has stirred up more emotion than I've ever seen before with a new president.

"Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more."
Posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (# 5521) on :
Originally posted by Pigwidgeon:
I just came home from a performance of "Julius Caesar." Some of the parallels were amazing. Did Shakespeare know Trump? I really would not be surprised to see Trump assassinated.

The Secret Service is a step or two up from Caesar's bodyguards. Even so . . . .
Posted by Sir Kevin (# 3492) on :
The voting populace in the US are so bloody cynical they will likely keep him on!
Posted by Horseman Bree (# 5290) on :
Assassination will probably set off a civil war. All the loonies* with guns will "need" to shoot someone, anyone, and then the militarized police will become involved....

* Not all gun owners are loonies, but there are 23 million (or so we are told) American males with mental health issues and access to guns.
Posted by Pangolin Guerre (# 18686) on :
Point of clarification: I voted for incapacitation by illness. That will be the official reason. There was no option for palace coup/Praetorian intervention, so I'm voting "Kremlin flu".
Posted by Zappa (# 8433) on :
Only just visited this ... but I do like the idea of Thwumph resigning after coming out
Posted by Brenda Clough (# 18061) on :
We need to have a pool, to guess when he's going to get flushed down the toilet.
Posted by Uncle Pete (# 10422) on :
I voted. But I don't really care about how or when. Just get it done, Amerikanskis!
Posted by Boogie (# 13538) on :
I'm with the 39% ers.

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