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Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
Australia is currently doing reconnaissance flights over the Philippines island of Mindanao, spotting "IS" positions for the Philippines Artillery. I think we have already sent some SAS guys over there to train Duerte's lads.

These "IS" guys have been operating in the southern Philippines for decades, and are fond of kidnapping people off the beaches of Borneo and generally creating a nuisance in the name of their version of God. They recently took over a town on the island, and this seems to be the catalyst.

My prediction is that Australia will escalate its involvement in the conflict as far as is necessary to give the IS fighters a good kicking. We will turn a blind eye to Duerte's law enforcement peccadilloes, by which I mean extra-judicial killings on a grand scale, and endorse his every step on the path to becoming the next Marcos. We will also be using all our influence in Washington to involve the Americans in the conflict.

Posted by Martin60 (# 368) on :
Hmmm. The Philippines trades with the DRNK ...
Posted by Prester John (# 5502) on :
The Americans have already been involved in the conflict. In fact one could argue that we alwyhave been as we've continued to support the central government in Manila against Muslim sepratists in whatever form they have taken since independence.

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