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Posted by Musical Director (# 3651) on :
You know what a cheeseworthy moment is - characters late entry into a scene, most innapropriate comment, worst plot derailment. See what you can come up with...
Posted by Sheep 3 (# 3663) on :
Oh my. How many of these are you planning to hand out? The possibilities are endless.
Posted by Kelly Alves (# 2522) on :
Oh,I'm a shoe-in for this one! [Big Grin]

Sheep, extra phones, wrong directions, Chitty Chitty, take your pick!
Posted by ChrisT (# 62) on :
OK, for me has to be the multiple times we started a scene with none of the required characters on stage. Like Gabriel turning up 26 hours late to the Annunciation!

Thanks to Miffy for this suggestion. All hail Mrs Director!
Posted by ThatsMrJuice2U (# 3076) on :
I can see how this thread could last 10 pages. [Big Grin]

But, out of all the outrageous plot deviations, the one that takes the cake has to be Phil dancing naked on that tour bus. [Eek!] [Ultra confused] [Eek!]
Posted by Thumbprint (# 3056) on :
Phil the wise guy dances away with this one. [Eek!]
Posted by Smudgie (# 2716) on :
Originally posted by Thumbprint:
Phil the wise guy dances away with this one. [Eek!]

Oh most definitely! Though the annunciation without Gabriel comes a close second for me.
Posted by Chapelhead (# 1143) on :
Cheesy, but also a brilliant idea and a great plot twist ...

In the last scene when the Evil Henchman is about to kill Lavinia when (s)he see the baby's potential, gets broody and decides to let her live, re-naming her Magdalene.

A quite wonderful denouement for that part of the play.
Posted by The Coot (# 220) on :
Respectfully, but Phil dancing nekkid on the bus top proferring his buttocks for veneration to the film critic is one of the highlights of the play. It adds to authenticity by conveying something of the carnal excesses of Old Rome.

The image of indolent, sensual, yoni/lingam-centric swaying will not leave my mind - especially as I've substituted someone far more satisfying for Phil the Wise Guy.

I am reminded of something I read in Kraft-Ebbing - being the practice of the womenfolk of a European principality to go to the front line before a battle, and then to bend over and slap their naked buttocks in the direction of the enemy. He notes, sadly, that this custom died out as they kept getting shot down.
Posted by The one & only Nanny Ogg (# 1176) on :
Not only dod some of the scenes take place without the central characters ot them turning up rather late - I loved the way in which some scenes continued on and on and on to beat page records with only a few of the cast taking part.

But the wise man's tour bus turning into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was hilarious - as was Phil#s naked dancing. Beggars belief [Snigger]
Posted by kenwritez (# 3238) on :
Originally posted by Thumbprint:
Phil the wise guy dances away with this one. [Eek!]

Hmmmm, should I be flattered by this or not? [Confused]
Posted by kingsfold (# 1726) on :
I'm with Chapelhead on this one...

The point where the Evil Henchman gets broody over Cyril/Lavinia is pure cheese.
Posted by Sheep 3 (# 3663) on :
[Sheep 3 dimly understands and nods her agreement]


[Sheep 3 attempts to glower like Evil Henchman as evidence of her agreement, but being a sheep only manages a look of rather stupid animosity.]


[Then again, perhaps it is a pretty good facsimile of the Evil Henchman's look while feeling broody over Lavinia the Evil Twin.]


*sheep plop*

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