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Posted by Equity Deputy (# 3673) on :
I've started reviewing the Nativity Play threads and making some notes on some memorable moments. So I'll post what I've gathered thus far and look forward to other folk's ... special moments:

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Scene I

O Mary, how the sun shines bright
Upon your crisp white veil.
It's sunny now for March all right
We were expecting Hail - Dragon

(If Rowan Williams' reading this
How we wish you could have starred!
In a dearth of poetic talent, 'tis
The Nativity, no holds Bard.) - Dragon

Awww, the cat doesn't want to play with me. Does anyone else want to be my
friend? Oh look, there's a dragon.

Nose glows.

Can you do that too, Dragon? - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Sheep

Listen, future seat cover. Wardrobe to Sheep 2

Scene II
Just press PAUSE a minute, will you, Liz, I think I just need to....

Mary runs out and unpleasant sounds are heard from just offstage.

There is a pregnant pause.

She returns, her blue dress complementing her pale and greenish complexion

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Posted by Musical Director (# 3651) on :
Hmmm, this could be the beginnings of a 'Greatest Quotes' Award, don't you think? Can others post their favourites as nominations, I will make a poll soon...

Posted by Smudgie (# 2716) on :
Originally posted by Equity Deputy:

Smudgie's nightly changing sig line (could you post the full list?)

I probably could if you really want me to.... Give me a day or two to go through my saved copy of the play.

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