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Posted by EricBonetti (# 18676) on :

My family and I are being bullied by our Episcopal priest, [name witheld]after we complained about questionable HR, cash management, governance and financial reporting issues at our parish, [name and location TOTALLY withheld]

Specifically, [dickead priest] has instructed staff and lay volunteers to ostracize us, to remove us from parish records, and to misuse memorial funds given in memory of family members and friends.

Please visit my website [removed a series of links- K.A.]

No one should have to endure bullying by their clergyperson, under any circumstances.

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Posted by Kelly Alves (# 2522) on :

Short answer, nope.

Long answer-- this is a discussion board, and we do not facilitate email campaigns against people.

A couple suggestions-- if you wish to advertise your website, put a link to it in your signature ( as per our advertising guidelines.) If you want support and shared experiences about pastoral abuse, you can start a thread in All Saints, or if you want to rant about The Church of Dickheads, you can do it here. For legal purposes, we have to ask you not to directly name identifiable individuals or refer to yet- to- be settled legal matters. We do not take chances with that sort of thing.

In the meantime, this thread is closed. If you wish to continue this as a rant, under the conditions I outlined, PM me for further assistance.

Kelly Alves
Interim Hell Host

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Posted by Kelly Alves (# 2522) on :
First of all, a big shout out to the folk who PM'ed me that I neglected to shut the thread, second, a BIG thank you to the Hellions for resisting the urge to capitalize on my mistake.



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