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Posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (# 5521) on :
Not sure where to put this one.

I see the Ship now displays an ad for the hotel booking website

I used trivago once. They got me a good rate but there were several hidden charges. Also, the booking company they matched me up with went bankrupt, and there is still a question re whether my hotel bill was ever actually paid. I'm assuming it was, as it's been over a year and I surely would have heard from the hotel by now.

But I'll never use them again. I don't care how fetching the guy in the ad is. (A little older than what I prefer, but still fetching.)
Posted by Pangolin Guerre (# 18686) on :
I've never used Trivago, but as to the guy, he's apparently an American who has an active performance career in Germany. If you have access to Radio Canada/SRC, the pitchman is younger and pretty handsome. (Pretty pretty?)
Posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (# 5521) on :
Google tells me his name is Tim Williams, and that he once appeared in an episode of The Sopranos as a gym teacher whose life was ruined after he reported Tony Soprano's son AJ for showing up drunk for class.

Sadly, his Trivago gig seems to have been taken over by some woman, although his old ads are still shown now and then.

I'm pretty sure I've spotted him in a new ad for some other product -- can't remember what -- looking quite a bit older.

Ah. It seems that Andy Warhol was right. Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame and then their sun sets.
Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
As with all of these aggrivator sites, I use them only to establish some hotels available in the area, and then I go direct to the hotel's website. Usually the price is the same as or even cheaper than the aggrivator.

I love this story from The Checkout with a Christmassy feel.
Posted by simontoad (# 18096) on :
Oh, you should especially book direct if you are using a small non-chain hotel or B&B. Those folks need all the money they can get, and if you book through them they don't have to pay the big guys their cut. If travelling in the United States, avoid the chains. The beds are standard and great, but the breakfasts, usually included, are woeful, parts practically inedible. Whereever you go, the breakfasts are all the same terrible standard. Same OJ, same wrinkled sausages made of off-cut meat, same weak coffee, same waffle paste and iron. Capitalism gone mad.

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