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Posted by balaam (# 4543) on :
Simon has achieved another year on planet earth. Well done sir.
Posted by Barnabas62 (# 9110) on :
Happy Birthday, Simon!
Posted by Pigwidgeon (# 10192) on :
Happy birthday! Thanks so much for bringing this rag-tag crew together and keeping us afloat.
[Axe murder]

(I think this calls for a donation to the Floating Fund.)
Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
Aye aye, Sir! Happy birthday, Sir!!
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
Happy birthday!
Posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (# 5521) on :
Sail on, sail on in majesty!
Posted by Boogie (# 13538) on :
Happy Birthday tooooo yooooou!

Posted by Pigwidgeon (# 10192) on :
Originally posted by Boogie:
Happy Birthday tooooo yooooou!


(Do I hear doggy howls in the background?)
Posted by Robert Armin (# 182) on :
Glad I caught this in time to add my felicitations!
Posted by Lothlorien (# 4927) on :
A lovely day down here for a birthday, Simon, the beginning of Spring. Happy birthday.
Posted by Piglet (# 11803) on :
Many happy returns, Captain! [Smile]
Posted by welsh dragon (# 3249) on :
Hope you had a very happy birthday (the end of summer here)
Posted by Simon (# 1) on :
Thanks, balaam, for the thread, and to everyone for the general birthday happiness... it's very kind of you. I had a really good birthday, so thanks for adding to it.

And thanks for the reminder about the floating fund, Pigwidgeon. I'll be posting more about that in the Styx in the next couple of days, as we get ready to redesign and relaunch the Ship.
Posted by Huia (# 3473) on :
Glad you had a great birthday Simon.

The mysterious hint sounds fascinating.


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