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Posted by barrea (# 3211) on :
I have decided to leave Ship of Fools so would you please take my name off the List. Thank you.

Posted by RooK (# 1852) on :
For clarity, there is no "List" of required attendees. What we have are some differentiated accounts to represent different contributions.

If any person does not want to participate here any longer, then don't. If you do not want to have any identifying information in the account you used, then delete that information out of it.

What we will not do is to delete existing accounts, because the only effect that has is of messing with the existing contributions and turning them into gibberish. So, no, you can't un-exist on these boards retroactively.

Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :
Thank you for your contributions barrea. You must surely be one of our oldest members!
Posted by RooK (# 1852) on :
That too:
Live long and prosper, barrea.
Posted by Lothlorien (# 4927) on :
Sorry to hear that, barrea. Go well.
Posted by Lamb Chopped (# 5528) on :
Posted by Sioni Sais (# 5713) on :
I'll miss your contributions, which have kept many of us on the straight and narrow.

Be a good lurker. Even if you aren't posting we won't have forgotten you.
Posted by Huia (# 3473) on :
Farewell and best wishes for your future.

Posted by M. (# 3291) on :
Sorry to see you go, Barrea.

Posted by Golden Key (# 1468) on :
Fair winds, safe travel, and may you come back, at least for the occasional visit.
Posted by Boogie (# 13538) on :
Go well barrea.
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
Sorry to see you go.
Posted by Marvin the Martian (# 4360) on :
This board is for Ships Business. As the Business in this thread (the request to be deleted from the list) has been dealt with by RooK I'm going to close it.

Best wishes and farewells may continue to be offered to our departing Shipmate in All Saints.


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