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Posted by Simon (# 1) on :
Ship of Fools Auction Catalogue

Looking for a date? Here are five of the most famous, covering military, ecclesiastical, political, sporting and literary history... pick one to suit your interest – or why not buy one for a friend? The auction opens on Thursday 18 August at 12 noon (UK time), but for now, browse among Lots 6-10 below.

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Posted by Battle of Hastings (# 1066) on :
Number 1066

Arguably the most famous date in English history (second only to 1990, the blesséd fall of Thatcher), 1066 was the year William the Conqueror scored a crushing 1-0 victory over the Saxons in the Battle of Hastings. Registered in August 2001, and only used to post once, this number comes with an optional bit of the Bayeux Tapestry as an avatar.
Posted by Prayer Book (# 1662) on :
Number 1662

The Church of England's Book of Common Prayer received its definitive form in 1662, two years after the glorious/damnable restoration of Charles II to the throne of England. "To love, cherish and obey" is one of its famous phrases, from the service for the solemnization of matrimony. Membership No. 1662 was registered in November 2001, and, lamentably, has never been used, which is indeed a manifold sin and wickedness.
Posted by Independence Day (# 1776) on :
Number 1776

4th July, 1776, was the original Independence Day, when 13 of Britain's rebellious North American colonies finally threw off the irksome yoke of Britain and declared themselves to be free and independent states. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others wrote the famous Declaration. Amazingly, membership No. 1776, which was registered in November 2001, has never been used to make a single post.
Posted by World Cup (# 1966) on :
Number 1966

As Nicholas Fairbairn once put it, the problem faced by Christianity is that it so often falls into the wrong hands. The same was true for this most cherished of numbers. 1966, England's World Cup-winning year, was originally registered to... an Aussie! It was all over for this number, until now. Put your bid in today – and get Moore for your money.
Posted by Big Brother (# 1984) on :
Number 1984
LOT 10

Big Brother, the Thought Police, Room 101... George Orwell's bleak novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, invented them all. And now the infamous date 1984 is available for the second time to dystopians on the Ship of Fools boards. Don't miss the opportunity, because that would be very ungood. Membership No. 1984 was registered in December 2001.

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