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Posted by Thirty-seven (# 37) on :
Membership number: 37
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Posted by Auctioneer (# 12) on :
Lot 3... this is a very early membership, dating back to 2001 (yes madam, that's AD, not BC). Would someone like to open the bidding? We begin with a starting price of $25...
Posted by Caz... (# 3026) on :
Ach, go on with ya. I'll give you $25...
Posted by Little Miss Methodist (# 4367) on :
I suspect all these numbers will soon go out of my price range, but may as well give it a try...

I'm bidding $30

Posted by Jenny Ann (# 3131) on :
I'll go $35.

But only because Sine priced me out of being able to get 24.


[forgot what number i had bid on. sulking works best when you are right]

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Posted by Papio. (# 4201) on :
Posted by Jenny Ann (# 3131) on :

Posted by Papio. (# 4201) on :

(Isn't it frustrating waiting to be able to post again?)

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Posted by Zappa (# 8433) on :
[scratches left ear and shuffles feet]

Posted by LeRoc (# 3216) on :
Posted by IngoB (# 8700) on :
$100 is nothing for a number this cool!

Herod the Great became king of Judaea in 37 BC and Nero was born in 37 AD!
Posted by Auctioneer (# 12) on :
Herod the Great? Nero? Pah!

#37 is Casey Stengel's number, retired after he led the New York Yankees to 10 American League pennants and 7 World Series wins in 12 years. Stengel was one of baseball's greatest-ever managers.

#37 is the symphony Mozart mostly didn't write. Only the introduction is his; the rest was written by Michael Haydn.

#37 is the sonnet in Sidney's "Astrophil and Stella" with the marvelous puns on Penelope Rich's name.

Do I hear $109 for this prime number?
Posted by LeRoc (# 3216) on :
You hear it ($109).
Posted by Paul Mason (# 7562) on :
Posted by Auctioneer (# 12) on :
<hammer falls>

The winning bid on this thread was for $200 by Paul Mason. You can make your payment on this page...

Please note your Lot number (3) as you'll need to enter it into the payment form. Thanks for supporting the ship! If you wish to transfer your board identity to this number, please post on the Winners! thread and we'll arrange your move in the next seven days.

And thanks to everyone else who took part in bidding on this thread. If you'd like to give to the Organ Fund anyway, here's the link...


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