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Ladies and gentlemen... what am I bid for Lot 9? This is a unique opportunity to bring a wonderful sporting trophy back home from Australia, where it has languished for four years. Think of yourself as bidding for the nation. Would someone like to start us off at $15?
Posted by Pegasus (# 5779) on :
I've got $15
Posted by Zappa (# 8433) on :
twenty [Paranoid]
Posted by The Coot (# 220) on :
[scratch ear]

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Posted by Pegasus (# 5779) on :
$51. [Razz]
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Posted by IngoB (# 8700) on :
Ah yes, the "Wembley goal", that shameful moment in English football ("soccer" for the babarians in Australia and the USA who dare call some moronic game "football") when they obtained an underserved world championship over Germany due to an incompetent Russian line referee... The proudest moment of English football, no doubt.

Let's recall the offical FIFA rule of what is called a "goal" in football: A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line, between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided that no infringement of the Laws of the Game has been committed previously by the team scoring the goal. Right. Anybody who has eyes and sees the pictures here and in particular this one cannot but conclude that the ball was on the line. On the video apparently one can even discern a puff of chalk coming up from the line, which is what you get when the ball touches the line. Now, there's simply no way that the entire ball was across the line. An Oxford University study confirmed the obvious 1995 by a detailled video analysis. Thus no goal, no turning point of the game, and Germany surely would have become world champions again.

Counting 1st place for 3 points, second place for 2 points and 3rd place for 1 point, I calculate the all time FIFA world cup standings as:
Brasil 21
Germany 19
Italy 14
Argentina 10
Urugay 6
France 5
Hungary, Czecheslovakia, Netherlands 4
England 3
Poland 2
Austria, Chile, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey 1

So the rightful result - Germany won 1966 - would simply make the two dominant football nations Brazil and Germany a bit more equal, whereas really nobody cares whether England plays slightly better football than Poland or not...

Nevertheless, $80 to rectify this historic injustice: No goal! [Razz]
Posted by Jonah the Whale (# 1244) on :
We can't have that.

Posted by IngoB (# 8700) on :
Yes, we can: $100.
Posted by Jonah the Whale (# 1244) on :
Am I allowed to tangentially mention that Ingo's post count equals my member current number. Or at least it did when I started this post. So in the battle between Ingo the Dingo and Jonah the Whale, I say $101.
Posted by Auctioneer (# 12) on :
I don't suppose anyone would want #1966 on account of the Cultural Revolution being declared that year?

OK. Thought not.

There will be no extra time or penalty shoot-outs on this thread. Step up, then, folks, to bid on one of Britain's finest numbers and help keep the Ship afloat.
Posted by Pegasus (# 5779) on :
Ok, I know bidding ended thirty minutes ago, but I can't bear to see one of England's finest numbers leaving these shores.


Sends up a prayer to the almighty Simon that this late bid will be accepted. It's a whole $9 more to the ship, folks

ETA: It's not extra time I'm asking for. Just added time due to injury and sibstitutions.

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Posted by Auctioneer (# 12) on :
<hammer falls>

The winning bid on this thread was for $101 by Jonah the Whale (sorry Pegasus, but the match ended 34 mins ago!). You can make your payment on this page...

Please note your Lot number (9) as you'll need to enter it into the payment form. Thanks for supporting the ship! If you wish to transfer your board identity to this number, please post on the Winners! thread and we'll arrange your move in the next seven days.

And thanks to everyone else who took part in bidding on this thread. If you'd like to give to the Organ Fund anyway, here's the link...


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