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Posted by Henry Troup (# 3722) on :
Today, I saw a magazine offering:

The Da Vinci Code Diet

I laughed out loud. Are there other bizarre references? (Note, I don't include travel agencies offering DVC tours in this.)

DVC chewing gum? Official black light flashlights?

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Posted by Gort (# 6855) on :
You're eating right by the Da Vinci Code now you can exercise with the Da Vinci Fitness Code. When you have mysteriously recovered your health and proper weight, you will be ready to take on Da Vinci Code - The Video Game
Get into the story that’s sweeping the globe! A deep and detailed puzzle epic, The Da Vinci Code game serves as a prequel to the events that take place in the movie. By solving a series of match-three puzzles in two different modes, you’ll inch ever closer to solving one of the greatest mysteries known to mankind!

Posted by ecumaniac (# 376) on :
This review of the da Vinci code game is quite scathing. At the end it describes the bugs that are present in the game and recommends that the bugs can be fixed by not playing the game.
Posted by koffshun (# 11227) on :
I was at a talk by Melvin Bragg in Brighton last week on "12 books that Changed the World", which he recently released.

It was excellent: thoughtful, engaging and from the onset clear that this list was not definitive. At the end he took questions, which were mostly a chance for the great and good in their pashminas on the south coast to demonstrate how little they listened.

However, there was one question by a guy which went on about 'canon' and 'did Melvin feel he had inadvertently subjected himself to an unspoken one' and 'had he noticed a trend in such as we can see from The Da Vinci Code'? (Bragg answered this with "I'm not sure what you're asking")

I was so angry! It had been an excellent talk with lots of academic merit and some idiot in the back row decided to bring TDVC into it. WHY??
Posted by Archimandrite (# 3997) on :
Completely weak sermon on Sunday. One of at least three preached on the same theme in this city that day.

For goodness' sake: we just want a nice, non-heretical exposition of the readings, a bit of complicated theology and a quotation from Herbert, Traherne or RS Thomas to round it off. We don't need "...the Da Vinci Code is full of mystery and intrigue..." but, really, you know, "...the Christian story is much more interesting." No shit, Sherlock: we know that; that's why we're sitting in church instead of being in bed or playing croquet.
Posted by Honest John (# 11457) on :
Was your minister actually concerned that some might leave the church to join soem kind of DVC sect?
Posted by Athrawes (# 9594) on :
In today's Sunday Mail (Queensland), there is an article in the home renovations section headed "The Real Da Vinci Code", in which they reason as follows:
1. Da stands for Development Application
2. Code is obvious
3. Vinci is Italian for 'You win'

So, clearly you need to work out the code in your local building regulations in order for your building plans to be approved.

Very amusing and creative. I intend to cut it out and keep this one.

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