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Posted by luvanddaisies (# 5761) on :
Mine has
what do you think ?

Has your church responded to people's questions with a sermon or similar?

Is it a good thing?
Posted by Custard. (# 5402) on :
We don't want to waste time in services refuting it...

We did an evening event where we discussed some of the claims made by the film; I did a quiz on fact / fiction.
Posted by artichoke (# 11470) on :
Yep. We have. I did a talk and a Q and A session and a written response. It went really well and we had quite a few quests coming to Church as a result, so it was well worth doing.

It's all online:
Posted by PeteCanada (# 10422) on :
I noticed that my parish church has a pamphlet on the Code; I'll pick it up next time I'm there, and see where it's from - I suspect from the CCCB or some such.
Posted by Divine Outlaw Dwarf (# 2252) on :
There really haven't been many. I told one person I didn't find myself loosing any sleep worrying whether Jesus has a 'bloodline', and that was about it!
Posted by Anselm (# 4499) on :
We haven't responded to any inquiries.
We are under strict instruction not to talk to outsiders about the bones of Mary and documents hidden under our coffee urn.

Posted by Chorister (# 473) on :
The only time it has been mentioned is when one of our part-time priests stood up in the pulpit and said, 'Well, I'm not going to preach on the Da Vinci code'. And then proceeded to talk about something completely different.
Posted by The Rogue (# 2275) on :
We are having an evening meeting next Wednesday but I won't be able to attend although I would like to. It seems that generally people aren't particularly bothered about it at all in our church. Most of the Church Council have read and/or seen it.

However, there was a bit of a stir when I said that I watch Big Brother.

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