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Posted by thwarted_thurifer (# 16177) on :
A question if I may.

With the previous RC translation, in our Cathedral (where I then served) there was The Green Book. It was a shortened version of the Roman Missal for Holy Week, containing all the prayers for the services, but also the readingd proper to those days.
It was exceedingly useful, and was never more that 3 feet in any direction from the MC at any time.

These days, you seem to be able to get a shortened missal for this week (the normal Missal but (literally) smaller and with page numbers changed to suit, but without the readings.

Does anybody know if there is such a beast out there? Or is it in abeyance in case they change the translation used in the lectionary (here's hoping, eh?) just after we all bought one....

It was known as the Green Book being green. There was a Red Book which just has the mass collects in, and also the lesser seen book with the RCIA stuff in it. We never dealt with that much, other then to carry the marked pages up as required, however one day our Bishop wanted to consult it during the readings. The MC-of-the-week went up was asked for "The RCIA Book". "The What?"
Senior MC summoned. "Get me the RCIA book".
"RCIA! The Rite of Christian... that blue book there!"
<several voices>"Oh, the *blue* book"</several voices>

Posted by Pigwidgeon (# 10192) on :
When the Episcopal Church (U.S.A.) was going through Prayer Book revision in the 1970s, we not only had a Green Book and a Blue Book, but we also had a Zebra Book!

(The Blue Book was sometimes known as the Groundhog Book since it was released on February 2, and of course Ground Hog Day took precedence over Purification, Presentation, or Candlemas.)
Posted by Triple Tiara (# 9556) on :
You don't say where you live, but if in England the CTS have produced this: The Holy Week Missal

I find it very unsatisfactory and don't use it. It is rather small and being a mere 16cm x 23cm. Who on earth thought that size was a good idea???

Being small the print is rather dense, with all the rubrics confusing the text itself. It is therefore difficult to read (especially in the dark of Holy Saturday!)

So I bought it, remembering the green book (which WAS helpful) but it sits on the shelf.
Posted by Pigwidgeon (# 10192) on :
Good to see you here, Triple Tiara!
Posted by Triple Tiara (# 9556) on :
[Hot and Hormonal]

thank you!

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