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Posted by Zappa (# 8433) on :
Okay, this wasn't by a Mystery Worshipper, but the visitor here seems to raise some heart-warming insights into something of an alt-worship experience.

Would you drop by, would your heart be strangely warmed?

As I drift from Mother Ecclesia I'm thinking maybe yes on both counts. YMMV.

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Posted by Galloping Granny (# 13814) on :
If only....

Posted by Bishops Finger (# 5430) on :


Posted by Ecclesiastical Flip-flop (# 10745) on :
The above link led to a very nice rendering of "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence".
Posted by Doone (# 18470) on :
Definitely yes!
Posted by BulldogSacristan (# 11239) on :
I had real trouble wading through the author's prose and gave up.
Posted by Pangolin Guerre (# 18686) on :
It was worth the wade. Like Bulldog, I found the prose a bit much, but I wouldn't gainsay the sentiment. Further, it may have solved a problem I've been having with a Buddhist friend. It does sound like a lovely, intimate experience.

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