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Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
We here in Heaven are known (for the most part) as people who play well together. The Heaven H.o.s.t.s have been affectionately watchful over the Fluffy Bunnies™ who cavort here. And we bear our burdens with grace and calmness.

Personally, I'm very proud of myself for not throwing the computer across the room every time a new Dr. Who thread shows up.

Anyway, here is the first rule. (My co-****s may ***n the thread and add new rules anytime they like!) [Big Grin] Oooh! That comes out as co-stars!!!

Every post from now on must begin with a praise to the Heaven H.o.s.t.s. By name.

Those who don't will risk having their posts messed with.

Heaven H.o.s.t

[ 11. February 2013, 17:46: Message buggered about with by: Ariel ]
Posted by Ariel (# 58) on :
Right, new rule that supersedes the last one. Rhyming couplets will be required for every second post in Heaven - starting... now!

Have fun
Heaven ****

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