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Posted by Sioni Sais (# 5713) on :
Yes me hearties, International Talk Like A Pirate Day be hoving into sight. I believe it already be that day in the Orient.

'Ave ye any tales?
Posted by Sir Kevin (# 3492) on :
Stated by myself at choir practice: I can only sing in the key of arrrgh!
Posted by jacobsen (# 14998) on :
I do be hooked by the whole idea. Meanwhile, with my other hand...
Posted by Lamb Chopped (# 5528) on :
Aaargghhh, me local doughnut shop is offerin' free loot teh anny self-respectin' pirate what shows up dressed suitable an' demands the lot. A pirate's dozen, to be partickler exact. I be thinkin' bout takin' Polly down t' have a bite tomorrer.
Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
Aye, mateys. We have arrrr own Pirates on this here vessel. Where be they? The scurvy dogs might be swabbing the decks...
Posted by Welease Woderwick (# 10424) on :
Shiver me timbers, mateys and get that penguin to walk the plank!

Do I 'ear a clock ticking? Could that blasted crocodile be comin' back to get me?
Posted by QLib (# 43) on :
Look lively, mateys! Where be the last cask of rum? You swabs will rue the day if 'ees drunk the barrel dry while I was on the Dawn Watch.
Posted by balaam (# 4543) on :
There be a sing-along happenin'. Don't ye forget ye grog.

Posted by Oferyas (# 14031) on :
I'd gladly join in with this, but I'm afraid I don't speak Somali......
Posted by Imaginary Friend (# 186) on :
Mabbee it's me Bristolian upbringing, but I were always thinkin' that pirates say "Yarrr". You scurvy-ridden puss-filled lubbers be fakers an' imposters!
Posted by Marvin the Martian (# 4360) on :
I love Talk Like A Pirate Day. Mostly because it's also my wedding anniversary [Big Grin]

And yes, three years ago we did discuss whether we should replace the wedding liturgy's "I do" with "yarr". [Snigger]
Posted by Sioni Sais (# 5713) on :
Avast ye me hearties!

At noon I strolled around the park by the office in which stands Tredegar House, former home of the Morgan family. Admiral Sir Henry Morgan was a member of this family and he was probably Britain's most successful privateer (a sort of licensed pirate) of the 17th century. I believe we 'ave some Captain Morgan's rum stashed away, though this be duty paid [Frown]
Posted by St. Gwladys (# 14504) on :
Bad joke on ClassicFM:

Doctor to pirate with a sore throat: "Say Arrrh"
Posted by jacobsen (# 14998) on :
Speaking of privateers, one of my favourite, if fictional songs on the subject

Aaarrhh [Big Grin]
Posted by Banner Lady (# 10505) on :
Git yer black hearted monikers here, me hearties....before I disembowels yer.

Disembowlin' Augusta Cooke (otherwise BL)

[ 19. September 2012, 22:18: Message edited by: Banner Lady ]
Posted by Gill H (# 68) on :
Haven't really done much to mark the day. I guess I could join the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything...
Posted by Chorister (# 473) on :
Be this news item linked? OK, own up, which one of you werrrr it?
Posted by Sioni Sais (# 5713) on :
Originally posted by Chorister:
Be this news item linked? OK, own up, which one of you werrrr it?

T'weren't me nor any of me mates. We 'ave more class than to get drunk on Lambrini*. An' we wouldn't steal a ferry for goodness sake. May as well take a barge!

*Is it possible to get drunk on Lambrini?
Posted by jacobsen (# 14998) on :
This is one of my favourite pirate poems.
Posted by Doublethink (# 1984) on :
Originally posted by Oferyas:
I'd gladly join in with this, but I'm afraid I don't speak Somali......

You need only sing this.
Posted by Ariston (# 10894) on :

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