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Posted by Horatio Harumph (# 10855) on :
Hi guys,
I am unable to find a thread with this, and I apologise if this is not an appropriate place to post this.

Could i please ask you all to look at this cause, and consider signing the petition, or supporting the campaign in some other way. The website is nics fight and the petition can be found here :

nics fight petition

Nic was a bloke, with a wife, and children, who became sick, and passed away.
His family are now unable to be granted the policy which he took out. The company he took the policy out with are using every and any little excuse.

This company should honour what they owe.
And hopefully this campaign will help his family recieve what they should.

Please, if you are able to sign the petition or be involved somehow, I would be very grateful, as would the Hughes family, and those directly involved.

Lookin xx

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Posted by Horatio Harumph (# 10855) on :
if your also able to share it so your friends can see it, and possibly sign that would be super ace too! thanks x
Posted by PeteC (# 10422) on :
Petitions are not allowed on the Ship. You may, however, place the link to such things in your signature, and then post like mad all over the place, so that people see it.

I will close this thread.

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