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Posted by geroff (# 3882) on :
In light of recent discussions on the camera thread in Heaven we would like to suggest a shipmeet for
The Format International Photography Festival in Derby.

We would be happy to host this at our house which is 20 minutes walk from the main venue - Derby Quad.
Dates would be either 16th or 23rd March.
The meet itself could be at our house in the evening, bring some of your pictures, eat and drink, and stay if you want - we can offer some accommodation on a first come first served basis.

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Posted by St Everild (# 3626) on :
Looks interesting - we are probables.

(I'll have to talk to Himself!) He likes the subject, and I like photography. No need for accommodation through, cos of the day job!
Posted by Boogie (# 13538) on :
Sounds great - I am a possible [Smile]
Posted by geroff (# 3882) on :
it will probably be lovely weather as we are not planning a barbeque this time.
Posted by geroff (# 3882) on :
I have signed up for the Format mailing list - I will post as soon as we have some news about what events are happening.
I need to confirm which date - any takers??
Posted by St Everild (# 3626) on :
Couldn't do 23rd...and the 16th has Diocesan Synod during the day but available in the evening...

What a shame...I was looking forward to coming.
Posted by geroff (# 3882) on :
Here is the programme for Format 2013 . The 23rd March does look quite interesting.
Posted by geroff (# 3882) on :
As there are no takers for this meet I am cancelling it.
The Format Festival is still going on but the meet isn't.
Can a passing host please change the thread title rather than just letting it fall over the side for a bit?
Posted by Sandemaniac (# 12829) on :
Apologies for the silence on this one, geroff - we'll have just come back from the Lakes that day, and will probbaly be cream crackered so we wouldn't have made it anyway.


Posted by Welease Woderwick (# 10424) on :
Is that name change okay? Shall I close it, too?

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