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Posted by Gracious rebel (# 3523) on :
Just putting out a last call if anyone is up for a meet when I visit New Zealand in October. Its only about 2 weeks until I leave now. The previous thread is in Oblivion here.

It would be great to meet any of you. I can do Christchurch on 4th, 5th or possibly 6th, Wellington on 8th or 9th, Christchurch on 10th or 11th, Greymouth on 12th, Queenstown 14th or 15th.
Posted by PeteC (# 10422) on :
Your best bets will be Christchurch and Wellington. There are some nice shipmates there, indeed. As for Greymouth and Queenstown, I don't think there is anyone from those places. But you will be so busy looking around Greymouth and having lunch before the return trip to Christchurch that you wouldn't have any time to chat anyway.

New Zealand is one of God's beauty spots. Enjoy!
Posted by Huia (# 3473) on :
Sorry Gracious Rebel Real Life Caught up with me for a while - will PM in the next couple of days.

Posted by Gracious rebel (# 3523) on :
Ah, but Pete I'm not going back to Christchurch by train. I will arrive on the Transalpine, then after an afternoon in Greymouth I'm staying overnight, then travelling down the West coast the following day as far as Fox Glacier, then on to Queenstown the day after. So I will have 24 hours in Greymouth - and it will be Saturday/Sunday, perhaps I can find a church there that has a reasonably early service, before I catch my bus at 1.30pm? Any suggestions?

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Posted by PeteC (# 10422) on :
It looks like at least 10 churches. You pick, according to your desires.
Posted by Huia (# 3473) on :
Gracious Rebel, the aftermoon of any of the 4th, or 6th would be ok or anytime on the 5th

Posted by Gracious rebel (# 3523) on :
Well I'm rained in this morning (was supposed to be doing the Glacier walk at Fox but it has been cancelled due to the weather) so having unexpected time on my hands, and an internet connection, thought I would post a little update on my travels here in NZ.

Having a fantastic time in this amazingly beautiful country, which has perhaps the friendliest people I have ever met. Yesterday I went to church in Greymouth as planned (at the Uniting church) and afterwards I got treated to a tour of the area and a visit to this person's home, as I had some time before my bus left at 1pm.

I have met a couple of Shipmates (you know who you are!) indeed stayed for 2 nights with one of them, and was made to feel very much at home. Thanks for the great welcome and kindness shown to me.

I'm catching a bus to Queenstown later today, hope the weather improves a little. But I am not downhearted, this is a fantastic trip of a lifetime!

The Transalpine was amazing, thanks to all for the recommendations. Really good views in the mountains, it was a clear and sunny day.

I'm over half way through my trip now - lets hope the rest is as good as the first half.
Posted by Arabella Purity Winterbottom (# 3434) on :
I'm just sorry it wasn't nicer in Welly. Also very glad you didn't come this week, as today the weather is even more characteristically Wellingtonian - howling gales and sideways rain. (It rather matches my mood, as I had my two back teeth removed this morning.)
Posted by Gracious rebel (# 3523) on :
Not quite so upbeat now, it still hasn't stopped raining, and I should have been on the bus to Queenstown by now. But the road is closed (landslide I believe), so I'm stuck here until at least tomorrow [Frown]

Much juggling of bus journeys and accomodation is going on, as I try and replan my week.
Posted by Gracious rebel (# 3523) on :
We crossposted. Sorry to hear about your teeth thing, that sounds painful.

I am cosy and comfortable, with internet access and plenty to read, just rather frustrated at being stuck in a cabin when I should be on the road.

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