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Posted by DouglasTheOtter (# 17681) on :

Now shipmates interested in football can participate in the vital and exciting FA Fantasy Premier League. Entirely free and utterly time consuming, all you need to do is pick a team, realise you're hopelessly over-budget, pick another, tinker with it and then watch as the season starts and none of them play. Or get injured. It's hugely good fun anyway and the URL is...

...while the code for the league is...

374312-156203 log on and get playing. Unless, of course, there's a league which nobody has told me about and I now look epically foolish...
Posted by Welease Woderwick (# 10424) on :
Gamey, sporty stuff generally belongs in The Circus so I'm sending this off there where it will get more coverage.

AS Host.
Posted by Imaginary Friend (# 186) on :
Just to clarify, general football discussion should go on the football thread (you'd be very welcome there, DouglasTheOtter [Smile] ) Please keep this thread for the fantasy football only. Thanks!

Imaginary Friend
Circus Host
Posted by Wet Kipper (# 1654) on :
I'm rubbish at the fantasy stuff, but have joined the SOF league.
Posted by Imaginary Friend (# 186) on :
I presume it is still not too late to join. And the transfer window has closed, so you might even have some stability in your team!

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