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Posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard (# 368) on :
Rather than something I haven't? Something I wouldn't. Ever.

Your apology is accepted.
Posted by comet (# 10353) on :
Martin, what the fuck are you on about? give us a link, at least. at the minimum some context. You talk so much shit it's hard to narrow it down.

same could be said for deano, really. So what are we upset about this time?
Posted by balaam (# 4543) on :
I know this is asking a lot, But could you be a bit less opaque. Please?
Posted by orfeo (# 13878) on :
If (and I know this is an if) this stems from your other Hell thread, you could have just kept it on your other Hell thread.
Posted by Patdys (# 9397) on :
Did you know there are only 362 shopping days until Christmas.
Posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard (# 368) on :
It ain't nuthin ter do with my other Hell thread but is to do with another Hell thread.

deano accuses me of denying Christianity to soldiers and despises me for it.

A straw man on his part he's deluded himself in to believing based on my belated pacifist conversion.

I had bad mouthed him for his obscene anti-Christian politics which not so long ago I'd have been applauding or rather condemning as being too charitable.

If he wants to quote me, prove me a liar and/or swivel eyed loon from my own words here, he's welcome.

But he won't.

Neither will he have the courage to admit he's wrong and apologize.

THAT I despise.

God forgive me.
Posted by Tortuf (# 3784) on :


Insults are just insults. Shit was being flung all around on that thread. You caught a little, and it was not worth wasting your time being upset about it.
Posted by orfeo (# 13878) on :
Originally posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard:
It ain't nuthin ter do with my other Hell thread but is to do with another Hell thread.

Okay, noted. I still think you could have carried on the fight right there. Hell threads (like other threads) frequently divert from their original course.

But, if you DO create a new thread in the future, please provide a link to the original source of conflict so that everyone else knows what you're talking about.


Posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard (# 368) on :
Posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard (# 368) on :
What continues to sadden me is that a man accuses me of an evil thing, despises me for it and runs away.

If I were guilty of the evil of denying the Christianity of those who serve by taking up arms, I could understand someone being so depressed by that that they curse me and leave.

I can only assume I gave that impression, if only to deano with whatever he brought to the party.

If anyone else got that, please say.

Posted by Sioni Sais (# 5713) on :

We seem to have more than our usual quota of no-shows. It must be the time of year.
Posted by rolyn (# 16840) on :
Re OP I don't really know who said what .

However my observations of deano is that he's like a recurring bout of the trotts .
Someone occasionally offering relief in the form of enlightening erudite posts . Whereas more often likely to come out with pan-worthy shite characterising someone who appears to enjoy being a pain in the arse.

Certainly not a personality I would consider worth getting depressed over Martin.
Posted by deano (# 12063) on :
Originally posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard:
Rather than something I haven't? Something I wouldn't. Ever.

Your apology is accepted.

Well no. I offer you no apologies except including you in a general one for my absence over Christmas and the New Year. Before Christmas, with two kids, it was as hectic as you imagine and I didn’t have the time. I thought I’d be around to post after Christmas, but on Christmas morning we found my 87 year old dementia and Alzheimer suffering Mother-In-Law on her kitchen floor. She had picked up an infection and that had caused her to become disoriented and she fell over sometime over the night. She was taken to hospital and was there for two days, when she stood up (a fall risk with no monitoring!) fell over again on the ward and broke her hip. She was operated on New Year’s eve and is recovering but very, very confused. So again, I just haven’t had the time to post.

Anyhoo, let us not dwell on my family problems but let us return to the matter in hand. Let’s take a look at this thread here shall we Martin…;f=11;t=000914;p=6#000258

And read on for a few pages. Specifically let’s extract the following couple of gems…

Originally posted by deano:
No Martin, I clearly said it was for clarification. If you felt my understanding of your position was wrong why did you noty just explain it?

But I am at a loss, I must confess, as you confirm readily that a Christian must be a pacifist.

If I post to say I disagree with you that pacifism is always correct, that MUST make me a non-pacifist, surely?

And if I am a non-pacifist, by your first premise, according to you I cannot be a Christian.

I am just trying to understand here. It seems to me that it is you making some very fine distinctions here.

I suppose I'm trying to get you to confirm that anyone who does not accept pacifism as wholeheartedly as you cannot - in your opinion - be a Christian.

Can you confirm or deny that, with a reasonable description of the thinking behind it please, so that someone who lives in woodwork can understand it?


Originally posted by deano:
I'm just wondering who is going to tell all those soldiers, sailor and airmen who thought they were Christians and who fought in Normandy, Bastogne, Arnhem, Burma, India, Iwo Jima etc, that, sorry boys, but you aren't Christians.

Of course, I'm sure that they thought that, by serving and sacrificing, they were taking up their crosses. But if you want to tell them that they are not Christians, go ahead.

Followed tellingly by this…

Originally posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard:
You understand just fine deano. I don't play the foundationalist game any more. Christians ran Auschwitz. Christians were in the air crews over Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Hamburg and Dresden. Christians are the greatest warmongers in 2000 years bar none. Christians hit Omaha Beach and were mown down by Christians. Just like on the Somme. At Ladysmith, Gettysburg. Waterloo. Agincourt. The Milvian Bridge. Jerusalem. Find me an exception.

And like most Christians, aren't very. Whilst being noble, brave, self-sacrificial killing in or against the name of Caesar.

All because 'real' Christians, Christian leaders were nowhere to be seen or heard.

Apart from scattered across occupied Europe of course. Conspicuous by their witness. The Greek for which is what?

It’s an interesting thread to read through, and also the spin off Hell thread that I was the beneficiary of. They both contain a number of wonderful quotes from not just ol’ Martin the Confused, but also No Point, as well as a display of a remarkable grasp of history by Fool on a Hill and a stunning approach to book reviewing by Fletcher Christian (don’t read the book before reviewing!)
Posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard (# 368) on :
I'm sorry for your horrendous Xmas.

We're not allowed in my 83 year old mother's house, 30 miles away. So she drives to stay ...

One of these days she's going to make headlines on the A5.

I can always respond on the thread I suppose, I have no appetite for doing so at this juncture.

Happy New Year deano
Posted by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard (# 368) on :
Okayyyyyy. I take full responsibility for leaving you, deano, with the impression that I don't regard Christian soldiers as Christian.

I do.

I'm not critical of them.

But of Christianity. It has failed them. WE have failed them. That's where I was and am coming from.

And I failed you.

And I'm sorry.


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