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Posted by Mother Julian (# 11978) on :
I've not posted much in recent years. I've been trying to discern where the Lord is leading me. As an English Anglo-Catholic, I was getting pretty bruised in recent developments, and an extended period of silence seemed appropriate.

Anyway, yesterday I was received by Chrismation into the Orthodox Church, and tomorrow morning I receive the Holy Body and Blood of our Saviour for the first time as a member of the Orthodox Church.

Of your mercy, pray for me, a sinner, as I pray for you, my Shipmates.

It's through the Ship of Fools that I came into contact and dialogue with Orthodox Christians, and was enabled to follow through my inchoate leanings toward Orthodoxy - the Orthodox Plot continues. Some of you know how you have helped bring me into the celestial harbour (Michael, that would be you ...) others I have never met or communicated with directly but you have helped bring me home to Orthodoxy through your contributions to SoF over the years - some passed to Glory (Leetle Masha) some still contributing.

God bless you all

Mother Julian (previously Athanasius+, now Martin as soon as a Shipmate name amnesty comes into force)
Posted by Huia (# 3473) on :
[Votive] I wish you well.


P.S I love the thread title
Posted by piglet (# 11803) on :
All the very best for the next step of your journey, Mother J.

Posted by PeteC (# 10422) on :
Prayers for the next stage of your life. May your steps be firm and you always remain with joy.
Posted by Ian Climacus (# 944) on :
God grant you many, many years Martin! Congratulations.

The Ship introduced me to Orthodoxy many, many years ago and I found my home in her too.
Posted by EloiseA (# 18029) on :
Prayers for the next stage of your journey, Martin, and wishing you all the best.

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