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Posted by TurquoiseTastic (# 8978) on :
Are any Shipmates following this year's wildlife antics? I think the team are on particularly good form this year. Chris Packham is in uncompromising mood.

(footage of live rabbit being pecked to death by a crow)

"You may find this distressing and feel that it's pretty rotten for the rabbit. But look at it from the crow's perspective!"

(footage of cuckoo chick rolling reed warbler egg out of nest)
Martin H-G: "This seems almost... cruel... but that's the wrong word, isn't it?"
Chris P: (firmly) "Remarkable, I would say, Martin!"
Posted by TheAlethiophile (# 16870) on :
Chris has been rather angsty since his trip to Malta to observe the culling of the swifts.

I only had on last night to avoid the the warblings of Question Time.
Posted by Barnabas62 (# 9110) on :
Mrs B and I are addicts. We've only just returned from a holiday in Mull and the otter shots were a very happy reminder of that lovely island. We know Minsmere very well and it's a great site choice for the next three years. We'd never seen a bittern before, so those shots (yes, even the mother-cannibal shot) have been fascinating.

Unsprung is messy this year, but the main broadcasts have been especially good so far. YMMV!
Posted by quetzalcoatl (# 16740) on :
I was impressed by the number of cuckoos they flushed, using a lure. Must be a hotspot.

I'm hoping Chris will mention the black-winged stilts, a few of which are breeding at the moment. Because of warming?
Posted by Erik (# 11406) on :
Hi all,

I would also be interested in other people's response to the footage shown (and the general principles around it).

Personally I am in agreement with Chris in that, while it is not particularly nice to watch, it does show interesting behaviour and, for me, this is a key aspect of the show. I think it is important to give as full a picture of the wildlife as possible so we can both enjoy seeing beautiful creatures and understand more of their lives. The alternative would be to limit the footage to show only the nicer side of wildlife. But I can't help feeling that this would produce a poorer experience. I suppose every person will have a different idea of what is appropriate to show. For myself part of the wonder of the natural world is in how all these complex relationships fit together, which does include preditor/prey and parasite/host.

But I do acknowedge that others will not see the world in the same way as me. I think the way they covered these incidents was very sensitive (perhaps almost over-emphasising the point sometimes) and that Chris' views are more than balanced by Mikala (spelling?) and Martin.
Posted by Sir Kevin (# 3492) on :
Is any footage of this programme on Youtube? I can get BBC Radio, but I don't have a television license!
Posted by Sparrow (# 2458) on :
Astonishing to see the rabbits banding together to defend the little one from the crow (or was it a magpie?)

And the amazing footage of the cuckoo chick heaving the other eggs out of the nest!
Posted by TurquoiseTastic (# 8978) on :
Yes. I am really impressed by the way Springwatch shows extraordinary things about everyday creatures. I also love the way the audience can get involved and send in their (often very interesting) footage. And the way the presenters seem to be really enjoying themselves. And the way they're not afraid to talk seriously about natural history while still being interesting and comprehensible.
Posted by Chocoholic (# 4655) on :
Can you access iplayer Sir Kevin?
Posted by TurquoiseTastic (# 8978) on :
I enjoyed the attempted rehabilitation of rats and wasps last night, especially the lady who puts food out for the rats!
Posted by Sir Kevin (# 3492) on :
Originally posted by Chocoholic:
Can you access iplayer Sir Kevin?

It seems to work only for radio.

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