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Posted by Oscar the Grouch (# 1916) on :

I can't see where this has been discussed before, so forgive me if I am bringing up an old and stale question....

I know that there is a thread in All Saints about PM Boxes being full. But how do I know (prior to such warnings) that my PM box is reaching its limits? Is there a definite number of PMs that a person can have? Or does it also depend upon the length of such PMs?
Posted by Curiosity killed ... (# 11770) on :
60 PMs in total, inbox + outbox - in whatever proportion.
Posted by Oscar the Grouch (# 1916) on :

I'm Ok for a while, then....
Posted by Alan Cresswell (# 31) on :
As it says on the page listing all your PMs
You can store a maximum of 60 private messages. Once you hit that limit, no one will be able to send you a private message. So... be ruthless! Delete those old messages!

Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :
Ah, but the art is in hanging on to some ripe old ones. I have a couple dating back to 2003.
Posted by Alan Cresswell (# 31) on :
Aye, I've some from 2003 too.
Posted by Stoo (# 254) on :
Is this a competition? My oldest is November 2001...

(don't start this in this Styx, Stoo.)
Posted by RooK (# 1852) on :
Bloody luddites.

Copy your treasured PMs to a more voluminous format. Of all the online services to save anything on, I do not recommend The Ship's current board software as a paragon of stable longevity. Also, it avoids the embarrassment of having to be poked publicly to make room.
Posted by Robert Armin (# 182) on :
October 2001. From Erin. And you wonder why I keep it?
Posted by Ye Olde Motherboarde (# 54) on :
Robert Armin. Ditto on Erin PM's
Posted by RooK (# 1852) on :
...and if you keep those ego-salve precious PM's exclusively on the Ship software, you're being an idiot.

I can see that all this thread is going to be is some more people attempting to impress other random strangers on the internet with how bloody-minded we are and how much we dwell in the past. In the fucking Styx.

No wonder Erin grew to loathe us all.
Posted by Oscar the Grouch (# 1916) on :
Hey! I am proud to say I DON'T have an Erin PM!

(Indeed, I can't actually remember ever receiving one from her. I tended to keep my head down when she was around....)

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