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Posted by Hugal (# 2734) on :
Praying for all ship mates and there families on the East Coast of the USA as they are to be hit by very bad weather. Do you think this thread could be used as a check in thread as well as prayer? [Votive]

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Posted by Horseman Bree (# 5290) on :
Depends exactly where you are. 30 cm. of snow in Moncton is just another winter day.

30 cm. of snow shuts Boston down

and 10 cm. of snow blocks every road in Atlanta.
Posted by Pigwidgeon (# 10192) on :
Thank you -- I was about to start a similar thread.

More important than how many inches (no joke intended here!) is whether people's health and safety are in danger. I pray for people who may be driving on icy roads, who may lose power (and thus heat), those whose homes may be damaged (e.g., heavy snow on roofs), those whose jobs require them to face driving in unsafe conditions, etc.
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
Prayers for all of us. I'm safe at home today but I found out that my place of employment is closing early... which for us means 5:00 pm. [Roll Eyes]

Hoping we'll be closed tomorrow since it's already announced schools will be, but there's no guarentee.
Posted by Piglet (# 11803) on :
[Votive] that you all keep safe, and try not to send too much of it to us once you've finished with it. [Biased]
Posted by Welease Woderwick (# 10424) on :
I hope Hugal doesn't mind but I've amended the thread title to include Canada as it looks as if they are going to get a blast of this as well.

Stay safe, everyone - and thanks to Hugal for starting the thread.

WW - AS Host

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Posted by Hugal (# 2734) on :
No problem WW.
Posted by lily pad (# 11456) on :
I put the dog out at 8 am - nothing had started yet but it was windy out. When I went to bring her in ten minutes later, it was a white out. This is looking like an old fashioned blizzard. Everything is shutting down and the RCMP are telling people to stay off the roads entirely.

I'm hoping we keep our power during the day. The freezing rain and ice pellets won't start until this evening so the thermos, lantern and radio will be on standby. They are calling for this to last well into tomorrow too.

The ones who are truly happy about this are the high school students who were to be writing exams. [Smile]
Posted by Brenda Clough (# 18061) on :
I live near Washington DC, where we got about an inch.
It is worth keeping in mind that the news broadcasters have a vested interest in forecasts of the OMG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! type.
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
I hear we got about 8 inches here in NYC. Bit of a bust, but it got me a day off of work so I'm happy.
Posted by Horseman Bree (# 5290) on :
The white-out due to blowing snow was much more of a problem than the actual amount of snow here. Probably worse in Nova Scotia, where it was warm enough to have ice pellets/freezing rain.

Once the wind dropped a bit, and the snowfall became a lot less, it was easy to shovel out (again, not in the freezing rain areas)

I read a Facebook posting in one one lady asked what she could do during a "snow day", since her job was shut down for the day! Any sentient being knows that one naps and eats steadily for as long as possible. There is no other choice.
Posted by Piglet (# 11803) on :
It started snowing here at about 3:30 in the afternoon, but didn't really amount to more than a few inches. I was out again in the evening, and by about 9:30 it had changed to freezing rain, and is due to get warmer overnight and turn to ordinary rain, which with any luck will get rid of some of the snow.

Hope everyone's keeping safe and as warm as possible.

Posted by lily pad (# 11456) on :
Kept our power - yay for that. All the shovelling I did late last night has been filled in again. We have an insane amount of snow. Winds have gone down to 50 km/h gusting to 70, so it should be a lot easier to shovel this morning. We had a lot os snow last year but this was quite a blast.
Posted by Horseman Bree (# 5290) on :
Very nice day today, albeit with wisps of snow. No chumky ice residues, so easy clean-up.

But we are to expect another snowfall on Friday and the next one on Monday. 15-25 cm., and then 25-35.

But there won't be zero or above temps, so it will only be snow. Our "adolescent" (9-month) young dog will be just ecstatic!
Posted by Piglet (# 11803) on :
It chucked down rain today, getting rid of all but the most belligerent of the snow-banks, and the temperature got up as high as 10°, so even some of the patches of treachery have gone.

More snow on the way on Friday though ... [Frown]

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