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Posted by Brenda Clough (# 18061) on :
I have a question about church cemeteries in the UK and how long they may be used. If the church used to be Catholic and is now ruinous, can you still bury people in the churchyard?
Where would I post this question?
Posted by Porridge (# 15405) on :
I have no idea, but Ecclesiantics or the General Questions thread in Heaven would be my guess.
Posted by Tubbs (# 440) on :
The Inquiry Within thread in Heaven is probably your best bet.

Posted by Firenze (# 619) on :
Bearing in mind, of course, the usual caveat against 'homework' - which would include mining The Ship for information for commercial use - as maybe a prospective work of fiction.
Posted by Brenda Clough (# 18061) on :
Would that it were so. We may only hope, that this novel will someday see the light.
Posted by RooK (# 1852) on :
Also feel free to use Google, or some other form of actual research.
Posted by Golden Key (# 1468) on :
FWIW: is a great starting place.

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