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Posted by Drewthealexander (# 16660) on :
What are the main lines of interpretation with respect to the significance of the resurrection?

I will be very interested in the personal perspectives and interets of shipmates which will draw on the main themes characteristic of the various Christian traditions, significant contributions by particular theologians, and any recommended reading.
Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :
You might like to start by giving us some of your own ideas... and tell us why you're asking the question.

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Posted by Martin60 (# 368) on :
What's the homework assignment title?
Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :

Well, now that Martin60 has been a little less diplomatic than I was, to avoid this thread degenerating further I'm closing it for now, unless and until drewthealexander can convince the hosts it's not a homework thread.


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