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Posted by Sipech (# 16870) on :
News has come through that Nicholas Winton has died at the grand old age of 106.

He may not be a household name, but he was a true hero of the Second World War. We pay homage to celebrities all too often, but he wore his true greatness with great humility.

I cannot read of what he did without choking up. A man of honour and compassion and of firm resolution. We lost one of our best today, leaving behind a legacy of what humanity in the face of evil looks like. [Votive]
Posted by Matt Black (# 2210) on :
[Votive] RIP.
Posted by Uncle Pete (# 10422) on :
One of the real heroes of the European War. May God receive his soul gently.
Posted by Adrienne (# 2334) on :
I had the great privilege of meeting him and hearing him speak a few years back - a wonderful, gentle, humble man. RIP [Votive]
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
RIP. [Votive]
Posted by Ferijen (# 4719) on :
A truly amazing man. Also, one who went hang gliding well into his 90s.

If I could have a fraction of his courage and humanity. I'd be a better person.
Posted by Kelly Alves (# 2522) on :
Wow. What a person. [Votive]
Posted by The Intrepid Mrs S (# 17002) on :
I went to a funeral on Tuesday, and came out feeling that I really should have done more with my life.

Sir Nicholas made me feel just the same, but more so. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

[Votive] [Votive] [Votive]
Posted by Adrienne (# 2334) on :
A touching tribute to Sir Nicholas in the week. Going through on the train today I noticed there are lots of flowers around his statue.
Posted by Tree Bee (# 4033) on :
I know his niece and spent some time with her on Friday. Mr Winton managed to still be living at home with the help of carers. A feat in itself at such an advanced age.

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