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Posted by WearyPilgrim (# 14593) on :
This is not really a liturgical question, but it does have to with a prayer, so I'm not sure in which board I should post it: Years ago, I found (and used in worship) a British poem that was a children's prayer of confession. While it was right on target theologically, it was also very funny. If I recall correctly, it rhymed. Does this ring any bells with anyone? I would love to find it again.
Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :

This looks Ecclesianticsal to me. Do not adjust your sets.

Posted by Zappa (# 8433) on :
I reckon Christopher Robin's intercessory prayers are almost confessional - confessing his very human attention span!
Posted by Beenster (# 242) on :
If it is Christopher Robin would it be this one?
Posted by Enoch (# 14322) on :
You mean this yuckness. It may be the immortal Vera Lynn, but it's still yuck. Apparently, the real Christopher Milne said of it,
"the one work that has brought me over the years more toe-curling, fist-clenching, lip-biting embarrassment than any other"

Posted by WearyPilgrim (# 14593) on :
No; what I'm alluding to is a piece that was actually intended to be said during a worship service.

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