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Posted by Uncle Pete (# 10422) on :
Huia just told me it is Christmas in EnZed, so I will be off the mark to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. All the best for 2017. Let everyone be safe.
Posted by Adeodatus (# 4992) on :
A(n early) Merry Christmas and Cool Yule to all Shipmates!
Posted by Bishops Finger (# 5430) on :
Amen to that, brethren and sistren!

[Axe murder]


Posted by St. Gwladys (# 14504) on :
Happy Christmas, Nadolig Llawen, from South Wales
Posted by Kitten (# 1179) on :
Originally posted by St. Gwladys:
Happy Christmas, Nadolig Llawen, from South Wales

And also from West Wales
Posted by mousethief (# 953) on :
A blessed Feast of the Nativity of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ!

(as we say east of the Adriatic)
Posted by Piglet (# 11803) on :
Merry Christmas, one and all! [Axe murder]
Posted by Nicolemr (# 28) on :
Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted by Hedgehog (# 14125) on :
Wishing for my Shipmates that the love and joy that is Christmas lasts throughout the next year.
Posted by Gamaliel (# 812) on :
Nadolig Llawen!

Christ is born. Glorify Him!
Posted by Lothlorien (# 4927) on :
Happy Christmas.
Posted by neandergirl (# 8916) on :
Merry! Merry! Joy! Joy!
Posted by Welease Woderwick (# 10424) on :
Christmas morning, getting on for breakfast time here and a Happy Christmas to all!
Posted by Mamacita (# 3659) on :
A merry and blessed Christmas to all Shippies!
Posted by MaryLouise (# 18697) on :
Merry Christmas to everyone from a clear and windy Cape.
Posted by Graven Image (# 8755) on :
A most Merry Christmas and may the peace of the Christ Child grow in our hearts and lives in the year ahead.
Posted by Rowen (# 1194) on :
Dear all, be happy, safe and blesses. Be a blessing to others.
Posted by Golden Key (# 1468) on :
{Deep breath.}

A great day (for those not religiously inclined), Happy Hannukah, Good Solstice and Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, and anything else celebrated around this time!

May all be comforted, and comfortable, and safe, and warm (or comfortably cool, if in a warm climate).
Posted by Sarasa (# 12271) on :
Happy Christmas everyone. May you have a peaceful, joyous day wherever you are.
Posted by Japes (# 5358) on :
Merry Christmas!

Especially to organists, church musicians, servers, preachers, readers, licences lay ministers, sidesfolk, clergy, church cleaners and all who, in whatever way, have contributed to the services over the Christmas season. May you enjoy a well earned rest and treats of your choosing when all the liturgies and services are completed.

[Big Grin]
Posted by Marvin the Martian (# 4360) on :
A very merry Christmas to all my Shipmates! May the season bring you blessings [Smile]
Posted by Chamois (# 16204) on :
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Posted by Pangolin Guerre (# 18686) on :
Hauskaa Joulua!
Posted by jedijudy (# 333) on :
Merry Christmas to everyone! [Big Grin]
Posted by Jengie jon (# 273) on :
Hope everyone catches at least a glimpse ofseasonal joy at this time despite the current gloom.

Posted by rolyn (# 16840) on :
Merry Christmas
Posted by St Everild (# 3626) on :
Merry Christmas to all fellow sailors!
Posted by ArachnidinElmet (# 17346) on :
A very Merry Christmas to all shipmates.
Posted by Doone (# 18470) on :
Merry Christmas!
Posted by Tree Bee (# 4033) on :
Happy Christmas everyone!
Posted by Twilight (# 2832) on :
Christmas is settling down here, peace has descended. Love to all shipmates.
Posted by Banner Lady (# 10505) on :
Happy Boxing Day from 'Straya.
Pleased to say we survived the heat, and the hail that hemmed in Christmas for us here in Canberra. But then it is a strange and wondrous land. Now raising an icy cold beverage to all shipmates...merry Christmas!
Posted by Bene Gesserit (# 14718) on :
Happy Boxing Day from the Flatlands of the East! The traditional bubble and squeak will shortly be consumed, accompanied by meats including something called cold turkey...

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