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Posted by Martin60 (# 368) on :
I wanted to acknowledge your warning at the time Eutychus and apologize for causing it, but felt I couldn't on the thread.

I therefore do so here and will comply: no elliptical Hell talk in Purgatory.
Posted by Eutychus (# 3081) on :
Thank you.
Posted by Gill H (# 68) on :
I will admit it, the title made me click!

Famous Last Posts is going to be fun for a while.
Posted by Doone (# 18470) on :
[Killing me]
Posted by Alan Cresswell (# 31) on :

A proliferation of threads in the Styx for you to acknowledge warnings from hosts and apologise for your actions leading up to those warnings does not create a very good impression.

I strongly suggest you take onboard what you know to amend your style of posting so that you don't get hostly warnings in the first place, and then we won't have to see any more of these threads.

Even if that deprives us of some Famous Last Post comedic value.

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