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» Ship of Fools » View recent posts: teddybear

View recent posts: teddybear
  Thread Board Date
1 Do you recognise this hymn? (Post #19) Ecclesiantics
2 Churching of Women: Misogynistic? (Post #46) Ecclesiantics
3 Churching of Women: Misogynistic? (Post #41) Ecclesiantics
4 The homeless. Something should be done! (Post #47) Purgatory
5 Born to Die? (Post #21) Purgatory
6 WTF, Poland?] (Post #23) Hell
7 Names in Intercessory Prayers (Post #58) Ecclesiantics
8 I don't want to go to your wedding (Post #320) Hell
9 When Chrismation and Confirmation are Separate Things (Post #17) Ecclesiantics
10 Catholic Church in Australia (Post #36) Hell
11 Animal companions in our happy homes (Post #310) All Saints
12 Standing With Sweden (Post #66) Purgatory
13 Church Services in Fiction (Post #67) Oblivion
14 St Charles, King and Martyr (Post #9) Ecclesiantics
15 Are tattoos unwise? (Post #101) Purgatory
16 The "boycott, divestment, sanction" movement against Israel - is it wrong? (Post #331) Purgatory
17 Female Deacons in RC Church (Post #14) Oblivion
18 Female Deacons in RC Church (Post #13) Oblivion
19 Mindful colouring (Post #15) Oblivion
20 Female Deacons in RC Church (Post #8) Oblivion
21 Ones who are sent (Post #44) Oblivion
22 Books on 12th century spirituality? (Post #9) Oblivion
23 Excommunication (Post #32) Oblivion
24 Excommunication (Post #3) Oblivion
25 Crappy corn chips are turning our children GAY! (Post #5) Oblivion
26 Sex robots - should they be banned? (Post #24) Oblivion
27 Where do they go? (Post #49) Oblivion
28 Praise and Thanksgiving 2015 (Post #154) Oblivion
29 Kiss of peace in an American Greek Orthodox church (Post #2) Oblivion
30 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #826) Ecclesiantics
31 The Eunuch (Post #18) Oblivion
32 How could the Pro-life movement have wider appeal? (Post #37) Dead Horses
33 Earliest memories (Post #56) Oblivion
34 Name that kitten (Post #23) Oblivion
35 Old shows that still enthrall us (Post #5) Oblivion
36 Chinese Catholic Patriotic Assc. (Post #0) Oblivion
37 On the telly: What are people watching? (Post #37) Oblivion
38 You're damn right I'm anti-Catholic (Post #47) Oblivion
39 Anglican Orders and Non-Anglican Opinions of Their Validity (Post #14) Oblivion
40 Disgusting food combinations that taste quite nice (Post #21) Oblivion
41 The Ten Commandments, Satan, and Hanuman (Post #25) Oblivion
42 The Ten Commandments, Satan, and Hanuman (Post #23) Oblivion
43 Medieval Liturgical Book Now Online (Post #0) Oblivion
44 A ressurgence of Anti-Catholicism? (Post #35) Oblivion
45 A ressurgence of Anti-Catholicism? (Post #34) Oblivion
46 No pill, pull-out: where are we going with sex? (Post #65) Oblivion
47 13 and counting (Post #137) Dead Horses
48 Apples (Post #45) Oblivion
49 Will there ever be effective gun control in the USA? (Post #180) Oblivion
50 fixing Social Security (Post #12) Oblivion

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