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» Ship of Fools » View recent posts: Aravis

View recent posts: Aravis
  Thread Board Date
1 Get a 'flu vaccine or if you get ill, do not come to work & no sick leave (Post #41) Purgatory
2 Lost in a Good Book: What are you reading in 2017? (Post #340) Heaven
3 do we really want to be counselled by a smart phone in a connected up world? (Post #22) Purgatory
4 Attitudes Toward Disability (Post #3) Heaven
5 How bad is bad language? (Post #110) Purgatory
6 Christianity for the council estate (Post #67) Purgatory
7 How greater reality changes God (Post #39) Purgatory
8 MOOCery, and Other Lifelong Learning (Post #10) Heaven
9 Female Lord of Flies (Post #83) Purgatory
10 Agnostic and Church Attendance (Post #98) Purgatory
11 Aging Parents (Post #1767) All Saints
12 To planets unknown (Post #12) Purgatory
13 Female Lord of Flies (Post #37) Purgatory
14 Agnostic and Church Attendance (Post #67) Purgatory
15 Agnostic and Church Attendance (Post #63) Purgatory
16 Can you help me ID a novel? (Post #27) Heaven
17 A little piece of me (Post #38) Heaven
18 Protestant Objectors at Walsingham (Post #68) Ecclesiantics
19 Whom shall we send? The Vocations Thread (Post #1518) All Saints
20 Do you answer your phone or is it all email, text msgs and voice mail? (Post #32) Purgatory
21 Religion stunts your personal growth (Post #17) Purgatory
22 Reefer madness. Legalisation of marijuana, are there no negatives? (Post #7) Purgatory
23 Good short modern introduction to Luther and Lutheranism (Post #10) Purgatory
24 Good short modern introduction to Luther and Lutheranism (Post #9) Purgatory
25 Christian Vision for Men - countering romanticisation and feminisation of church? (Post #36) Purgatory
26 Bishops (Post #132) Hell
27 Siblings, Twins and Faith (Post #7) Purgatory
28 Aging Parents (Post #1355) All Saints
29 regret having children? (Post #24) Purgatory
30 Church Services in Fiction (Post #45) Oblivion
31 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #1566) Ecclesiantics
32 On the Back Burner: Recipes 2017 (Post #27) Heaven
33 Inauguration playlist (Post #60) Oblivion
34 Atonement in Narnia (Post #21) Purgatory
35 Aging Parents (Post #1243) All Saints
36 Christmas Sermons (Post #68) Ecclesiantics
37 Alternative lifestyles (Post #22) Purgatory
38 Perception of skin color in TV (Post #49) Oblivion
39 A World Without Down's? (Post #16) Oblivion
40 Church coffee & hospitality (Post #90) Oblivion
41 What comes first, God's call or our desires? (Post #5) Oblivion
42 An unusual experience, beyond understanding, or at least mine (Post #27) Oblivion
43 Literary comfort food (Post #71) Oblivion
44 Female Deacons in RC Church (Post #9) Oblivion
45 Hymns for OT saints? (Post #24) Oblivion
46 By all the saints in warfare (Post #1) The Circus
47 Hymns for OT saints? (Post #12) Oblivion
48 Awkward, embarassing or funny moments in church (Post #36) Oblivion
49 The Language of Heaven (Post #34) Oblivion
50 Are we abandoning our youth? (Post #75) Oblivion

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