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» Ship of Fools » View recent posts: JeffTL

View recent posts: JeffTL
  Thread Board Date
1 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #1847) Ecclesiantics
2 Trump Prays for the Dead (Post #13) Purgatory
3 Anglo-Catholics and Concelebration (Post #32) Ecclesiantics
4 Christmas Sermons (Post #31) Ecclesiantics
5 Eucharistic Prayer for Family Communion (Post #66) Oblivion
6 Yet saints their watch are keeping, Their cry goes up 'How long?' (Post #76) Oblivion
7 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #1109) Ecclesiantics
8 Terms of address for people in ministry (Post #137) Oblivion
9 Double-Entendre Lyrics (Post #118) Oblivion
10 Cities and diocese with more than one cathedral (of the same denomination) (Post #87) Oblivion
11 Richard III - RIP (almost!) (Post #26) Oblivion
12 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #578) Ecclesiantics
13 Conceived by the power of the Virgin Mary!? (Post #41) Oblivion
14 Conceived by the power of the Virgin Mary!? (Post #37) Oblivion
15 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #376) Ecclesiantics
16 Eccles: On the Naming of Churches (Post #130) Limbo
17 The wearing of jeans (Post #68) Oblivion
18 Eccles: On the Naming of Churches (Post #71) Limbo
19 US Episcopal Church Eucharistic Prayers (Post #32) Oblivion
20 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #293) Ecclesiantics
21 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #283) Ecclesiantics
22 Maundy Thursday and Female Feet (Post #65) Oblivion
23 Maundy Thursday and Female Feet (Post #2) Oblivion
24 Fod Hates Gags! The Westboro thread (Post #266) Hell
25 Fonts (typography!) used in church (Post #60) Oblivion
26 Sundry liturgical questions (Post #46) Ecclesiantics
27 3 questions of about pope Francis (Post #1) Oblivion
28 Father Christmas doesn't exist ? (Post #53) Oblivion
29 Add a Word, Ruin a Christian Book (Post #103) Oblivion
30 Immersion of Infants (Post #27) Oblivion
31 Eucharistic prayers authorised by canons (C of E) (Post #69) Oblivion
32 What are we driving? (Post #98) Oblivion
33 The Seal of the Confessional (Post #68) Oblivion
34 Intrusive moneybags (Post #8) Oblivion
35 Children preaching in Church (Post #28) Oblivion
36 Black Mitre (Post #56) Oblivion
37 Strange or stupid street signs or place names (Post #109) Oblivion
38 Leaving the Romans (Post #31) Oblivion
39 Wee cuppies with a twist (Post #62) Oblivion
40 Eukaryotes and The Message (Post #18) Oblivion
41 Devotions at meetings (Post #27) Oblivion
42 Devotions at meetings (Post #3) Oblivion
43 Have Mercy. It’s Low Sunday. (Post #9) Oblivion
44 The "Tourists Keep Out" Cordon at Famous Churches and Communion (Post #12) Oblivion

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