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Source: (consider it) Thread: Leaving an old job, starting a new.
Cameron PM
# 18142

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Currently I am the organist at a parish that places itself in the Anglican "continuum", one that I can say with confidence is a mixture of High Church and Wesleyan theology. I'm not signed on to serve a specific length of time, nor am I a member of their denomination.

I have an offer on hold to assume the position of organist and choir director at a parish in a town only a 20 minute drive away, for better pay, more smells and bells, and to boot, a regular parish under Canterbury.

I'm only a student as it stands, and I've never been faced with having to resign from a position. Does anyone on the Ship have any advice they can give me so as to not burn any bridges and break the news easily to the current parish?

Your call.

Posts: 59 | From: Talamh an Eisc | Registered: Jun 2014  |  IP: Logged
Baptist Trainfan
# 15128

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It's never easy (nor is it for Ministers/Vicars who are thinking of moving).

I was wondering how well you know your present incumbent, and if you get on well with him/her. If you do, and you know that s/the is discreet and sensible, would it be possible to talk through the situation "off the record" and see what response or advice you receive?

I think the worst thing you can do is just to suddenly announce, "Oh. by the way, I'm leaving next week". That is bound to cause bad feeling.

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# 13356

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If there are reasons why the new job is more attractive to you, don't feel any guilt about taking it. Even if you choose to break the news to your current minister face to face, write him (her?) a nice letter explaining why you are moving on and saying whatever good things you honestly can about the place thaat you are leaving- how much you've enjoyed working there, how you've appreciated the support and encouragement you've received, how pleased you have been to contribute to the life of the church, wishing them all the very best for the future, and so on. If they are decent people they will understand this and accept it in the spirit in which it is offered, and you will go leaving a good smell behind you and with a fund of goodwill. They might even want to give you a send-offf and/or gift- and iff they do, accept graciously and with pelasure- they don't have to!
Oh and do, as BT implies, give them as much notice as you can.

[ 04. March 2015, 15:56: Message edited by: Albertus ]

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# 13338

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Yes. This sort of thing happens all the time, most people understand. The only real things to watch out for are, as noted above, giving as much notice as possible. If you're able to suggest names of people who might be able to fill in while they're searching for a permanent replacement, that's always a bonus (and sometimes garners good will both from the church and those you recommend). Say good things about the church. You don't need to say a lot about your reasons why you're going to the new position-- people can fill in those blanks-- just talk about how much you're appreciated this experience, what you'll miss, that sort of thing, as honestly as possible.

Very important is to tell the minister first-- before you tell anyone else. You do not want him/her hearing it thru the grapevine. Face to face is best if possible. Often the minister will have a particular process he wants from then on re how you tell the congregation, etc. If s/he doesn't suggest one, ask. Then think about others you work closely with that you need to tell as well-- get to them as soon as possible so they don't hear it thru the grapevine.

Congratulations on your new position!

"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid." -Frederick Buechner

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Cameron PM
# 18142

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Thank you, everyone so far. The notice I'm giving allows the parish a month and a few days to find someone new. After Easter I'll be gone.

Your call.

Posts: 59 | From: Talamh an Eisc | Registered: Jun 2014  |  IP: Logged
# 11803

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I'm sure your present vicar will understand if you've explained that the new job is more suited to your skills/ambitions/churchmanship/whatever.

You're a student - I don't think anyone with any human-kindness would blame you for taking a better-paid job.

Good luck in your new post! [Smile]

I may not be on an island any more, but I'm still an islander.
alto n a soprano who can read music

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# 58

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Having consulted backstage, the consensus is that this might flourish better in All Saints, as it seems to be mostly about advice and support, so I'll just transfer you over there. All the best!

Heaven Host

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# 716

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I have an interview on the 17th for a full-time position at the same place I work which would let me do what I do best and also pay more badly-needed money. Please pray!

My essays on comics continuity: http://chastmastr.tumblr.com/tagged/continuity

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Cameron PM
# 18142

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The biggest deciding factor for me is that the parish is my paternal grandfather's stomping ground, so I'd feel more close to home. Plus this would allow me to go to Evensong on Sunday evening, which I haven't been able to since taking up the position with the "Continuing" parish. With that said, myself being Catholic, I think it's very kind for that parish to have extended me the opportunity; they're not all that friendly to ANY outsider. The new one is your regular parish church, in the diocese of the Anglican Church, and I just feel I'd be more comfortable there.

Thank you for your support. I know what I'll say to the Reverend and also for the relocation to this more appropriate sub-thread.

[ 06. March 2015, 17:33: Message edited by: Cameron PM ]

Your call.

Posts: 59 | From: Talamh an Eisc | Registered: Jun 2014  |  IP: Logged

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