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Source: (consider it) Thread: Mission Action Planning
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Church of England parishes are encouraged to engage in 'Mission Action Planning'


Would any members like to share their experience of this or give their advice on how best to carry it out?

Posts: 672 | From: The Most Holy Trinity, Coach Lane, North Shields | Registered: Oct 2009  |  IP: Logged
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This is nothing new - our diocese has required every parish to submit a MAP since 2013.
Approaches vary: in our small rural outpost there was an open meeting (not just churchgoers either but open to the entire community) to discuss perceptions of the church in the parish and what people felt the church should be doing.

After this brainstorming session there was a follow-up to thrash out the ideas from it into a workable plan/wish list which we then forwarded to the diocese.

For the past 3 years people on the church's electoral roll have consistently made the point that our hand would be strengthened if the diocesan education office could be persuaded to (a) ensure that the policy on attendance was adhered to across the deanery, and (b) to put in place a requirement for some continuing attendance after a school place has been obtained: every time the diocese has insisted these wishes be struck out - despite the fact that even non-churchgoers have made the point that the initial policy being so widely flouted is unfair, and that in not having a continuing attendance requirement is seen by non-churchgoers as further evidence of the church's naivety and gullibility.

We find the MAP exercise of limited value, particularly since the diocese are unwilling to engage on subjects they find 'difficult' - second homes, buy-to-let, etc.

Rara temporum felicitate ubi sentire quae velis et quae sentias dicere licet

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I know that this was something that David Hope began in the Diocese of London when he was Bishop there in the early 1990s, and which, I believe, he had also encouraged in Wakefield before that.

It is most useful IMHO in enabling a parish to have an open and wide ranging conversation about what it is there for, and about what it needs to do to fulfil its calling in that place. It can enable parishes to decide what are, for their place and culture, the priorities which the church needs to focus on. Having publicly agreed priorities means that a parish is able to say this is what we have agreed so this is what we are going to put our energy into.

The biggest challenges tend to be around avoiding wishful thinking and being over-ambitious, and being sufficiently specific about who is going to do what, and what it is hoped to achieve.

It isn't a once for all process, but should include review and revision. It shouldn't be assumed that in all areas the targets can be achieved in a single review period.

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This is not really about worship but rather about a much wider range of church activity - I think Purg is probably the best place for it so hang on, we're heading over...

dj_ordinaire, Eccles host

Flinging wide the gates...

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We've been using this in my parish for a couple of years now, and despite some initial skepticism, I've been persuaded of its usefulness in a couple of areas. Most notably, it's given a focus to our PCC and DCC meetings as we have things to talk about and plan for that are relevant to what we're doing, rather than just rambling on!

I think it's important to be realistic, and to take the time with initial discussions such that the really important things can have time to filter to the top. Overall it's been positive.

All I know is that you came and made beauty from my mess.

Posts: 180 | From: Just outside the M25 | Registered: Aug 2010  |  IP: Logged
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Our diocese has been encouraging us all to “become missional”. Yes, there are many groans over the created word, but little commonality about what it really means.

One parish has touted its existing concert series, which is organized by a paid employee with tickets starting at three times the charge at the local cinema. This in an economically depressed community. It also notes that it invites members at other community churches to attend its Lenten series. That is “attend”, not “share in the planning and presentation”. I am not enchanted with their efforts.

Another in a neighboring town (smaller, much older congregation) offers free use of its large lawn weekly for crafters, flea-market type sellers to set up for free, with free use of its toilet facilities. This year they are planting a large organic vegetable garden on their property, and will give away the produce during the flea market time. There is some planning afoot to have a parishioner (a trained chef) set up a tent to do demos of how to prepare a quick and healthy meal using this week’s fresh veg. For me this is far more resonant with the community re read of in Acts than the other.

The challenge, IMHO, is to lead planning groups and leadership to dig more deeply into how our faith is lived out, seen as active in the day-to-day world, and to more clearly review how we make an impact on our community, far and above having doors open on Sunday.

Let us, with a gladsome mind…..

Posts: 102 | From: US | Registered: Feb 2016  |  IP: Logged
Baptist Trainfan
# 15128

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Posts: 9750 | From: The other side of the Severn | Registered: Sep 2009  |  IP: Logged
# 14715

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Yep we're with you on that one -- all our meetings have a substantial focus (beyond necessary business) on the outward expression of our faith and how we go about it corporately and individually.
Posts: 3845 | From: A new Jerusalem | Registered: Apr 2009  |  IP: Logged
Ethne Alba
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One church found being asked to sort a MAP v helpful, set too with minimal hassle and produced a working document that is bearing fruit.

Another went round the houses for a year or two before being jump-started into producing 'something.'

There are lots of possible answers to the What Where and How questions. And web sites are full of 'em

But IMHO having the Why question fully aired first does help....

Posts: 3126 | Registered: Apr 2004  |  IP: Logged

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